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Need some Map Help

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Hey I'm trying to catch back up with map knowledge, would appreciate some pointers on these spots to get me started.

Paris, sorry for old map graphic but anyway, how do I play these areas early game to get sight lines into heavies, without getting spotted myself? Is there a specific bush/tree for this play?


Malvinovka: How/when does someone use this area? It feels powerful for clearing out campers but once people make it to the hill it's unsafe, is this best used for early damage then retreating?


Prok: Priorities when playing in this area, what should I be doing when nothing is happening?


Ensk: How to correctly play and push this side? I've seen people play along the bushes/ridges but I only know how to play around the buildings.



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You're much better at the game than I am, but my 2 cents:

Paris: From the west spawn I push over the tree that is furthest south in the red area you've marked. That way you will light up tanks crossing early enough for the camping TDs to get a shot off. In tiers 6 and even 7 you can usually take shots without getting lit from there as well. Spotting from the trees closer to the curved building lights tanks crossing too late for good shots. If you're in a wheelie or ELC you can have a go at setting up in the western bushes around the fountain thingy right in the middle of the map. If you make it there no one can spot you and you light all the corridors. From the east spawn I creep out tight to the curved building and stay primed to abort the position...

Malinovka: I like that position early; mid-late game depending on the circumstances....

Ensk: The only way I can push this side is through the buildings and hope that the guys in field creep up as I do. I can passive spot in field okay but trying to push there is just a roll of the how many TDs are hiding dice from my experience. And because of the slight hill in the middle your field campers can't really support you but people in the buildings can. So yeah, pressure from the buildings is key on this flank in my experience. 

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I'm assuming this is for fast, unarmoured tanks because otherwise you wouldn't have any reason to ever play these areas outside of Prokh



West: There's a treeline you knock down along the building wall to spot the heavy cross and double bush yourself if you are comfortable with the bush range, good for free opening damage if going south isn't really an option - pretty obvious and easy to blind though even if it's generally safe but players with a brain knows how to counter this pretty hard


East: don't go there, it's almost always a bad idea


NW: Only use the bush if you are starting to win the hill, otherwise you can't stay there whatsoever, use it to clear out enemy balcony and to start digging out base/map corner, drop down to water if you're getting heavy attention, wait for hill push if your hp is low to farm up more from there

SE: Only at the very start of the game to spot what's going hill early (if you need to know what's going to go hill) or only cross through it to take ditch early (need balcony cover and preferably TDs near base in vision range) if you can't go hill in something fast and unarmoured/lightly armoured

Later in the game only use it when hill is won, can't get there or stay there if people are left on hill


North: Use the rock to cover yourself from TDs moving into 1 line right at the start of the game and spot the slower stuff crossing at least somewhere - free shot, gameplan changes depending on how much you see, always assume 1 line is crowded, preaim the LT counter for the E1 bush as in doing so increases your chances of your LT making it there, 1line ridge at G1/H1 is a counter to you, if anyone's there you need to move further east to play the mid and shift attention to dealing damage on hill until your team starts spotting the 1 line again

South: Do the 1 line counter in everything (even M46 can do it so mobility isn't really a huge issue) preventing the LT from getting there means you can play the mid out much more aggressively, and without doing so then playing this far up will get you spotted by that LT every time it's there, makes it much easier to play against the hill from this side as you can only get spotted from things poking the mid if you cleared E1 bush making the mid very, very easy to play out afterwards - you get more damage dealt on the hill from this side generally but 1 line is harder to farm (there are some safe spots out of render/in cover) so adjust your focus for where the damage is very often


I only ever see value in going there on encounter, and even then it's generally not the better option

Have VR advantage? Play tracks early. If not then city is almost always best for damage regardless of tank on both sides. North I go windows in everything early, preaim the tracks crossing to the building if nothing immediately pops up in the enemy windows to farm, I generally farm it until it's dead (you can knock the tree down and poke without getting spotted before firing)

On encounter you won't do much from the 0line bushes, it's not far enough away to use vision on at tier 8 and up and there are way too many angles to keep track of stay safe - the adjacent city area is even better in soft tanks, but I tend to again play tracks if I have a VR advantage (play far back to keep the distance within firing but able to spot range) or move into city 

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33 minutes ago, kolni said:

smart stuff

First game after reading this is 8k combined, 10/10 would read again. Exactly what I was looking for.



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Can confirm prok spot works no matter the speed.


Went there in Mauschen from South, denied enemy 1 line push. Granted I only really stayed in that position because I farmed all i could on hill side, plus only 1 arta. 


By farm all I could, i mean get 2 shots in because Mauschen is shit. 


Ensk I usually play tracks, using the platform side to get shots into things into town and pushing up when I can. North though, windows all the time. 


If I'm in something slow as shit, its the usual brawl in the buildings. 

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Paris: I recently saw a video from Taugrim playing a med in this area from the East spawn:


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On 4/27/2020 at 11:29 PM, kolni said:



I only ever see value in going there on encounter, and even then it's generally not the better option


It is also great for the tier 9 and 10 swedish meds. The microhill make you able to bounce so much and be very aggresive.Anything else I'd play tracks though

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