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???? how often dose wotlabs.net Update

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how often dose wotlabs.net Update as it say it Last Update: Wed Apr 29 2020 06:04:00 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

but i have not play arty in the last 24 hours but it say i played 6 games in arty and the number of battles in my 140 is not right 



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@martyn2555  it normally only updates once you check the stats and you can update them once a day.

In your case it looks like it hasn't been checked in a while so all your battles between the last time i was checked and now were put into your recents here. check back occasionally and they will normalize in time.

If you want it to update automatically without you looking, wotlabs does have a patreon to support the extra data cap.

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