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Commander (Radio), Driver, Gunner (no idea where WG offloads the loader skills to). Loading mechanism is mechanical, but not with any of the WoT-style magazines in RL. My bandwidth is limited atm, not being at home, so I don't really want to search :P

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22 hours ago, sohojacques said:

IS-3A style auto-reloader incoming then? It has the same crew layout, yeah?

Was also my first thought when I saw it. 

IS3A was and still is WG´s ugly duckling. First it was a copy of the techtree tank. Now with it´s autoreloader feature it is a premium without line. 

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When googling about this one on russian side of internet, sources say that all 3 crew members were placed in turret. Ammo rack placed horizontally around the turret ring. It was supposed to have autoloader (not magazine) and ATGMs for one of two possible guns.

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