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Battle Pass 2nd Season

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- completely invalidates the bond equipment grind, use it on directives and tanks until the revamp

- decals are cool, would be super nice if they introduced a tryhard mode for it with really high requirements to earn them (similar to marks), relating to averages instead of game amount - could revive some competitive random aspect

- free bonds i guess so spam the vent directive all day long brother

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The 3D styles this season are super messy. Sure the red outline helps with target tracking and and weakspot hunting but gd it's going to be such a mess trying to find the M48's cupola now.

They look cool, though :thumbup:

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I do feel that overall WG has done a very nice job with the 3D styles, pretty much all of them look pretty cool. They are a nice incentive to grind for, at least for me, although at the same time I don't feel that if you miss out that you're gimping yourself.

These new bounty equipment though, yeah, absolutely gimping yourself if you don't get your hands on some of them unless you're rolling in bonds.

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Feels like the optics aren't worth the grind (most tanks won't use them, and Improved Optics are only 4k bonds for the lights that do use them), so this time the 6,5k gold is something I can save.


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