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I have been playing WoTs for years and knew all about the Stats portion of WOT Labs but not the forum.

I love the resources that a forum provides for hobbies and things like that.

Unfortunately I found very little legitimate, constructive conversation at the official forums.

I was so relieved when I saw this.

Thanks everyone for having me.

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welcome to the illegitimate conversation over here then. 

2 points first
1: google site search is your friend here. please make use of it.

2: hope you dont have thin skin. we'll tell you you're wrong and then explain why that is in pretty fast order. probably with a healthy dose of sarcasm as well. be warned

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I have thick skin, I'm not worried about that.

2 hours ago, Wanderjar said:

well, most of us are on discord. the forums are a ghost town but we still swing by

Which channel does everyone hangout on?

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