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Due to the unmitigated devastation caused by my swagger I am unable to post on the WG SEASIAPAC gulag (or I have too few games). So welcome to the SWAG.





Think you have what it takes to YOLOSWAG all over the face of ASIA?


You just might be able to join SWAG.




Also announcing FG_YOLOs as official unofficial unwilling SWAG diplomat.



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Swag= Secretly we are gay. Swiggity swag, I'm a fag. SWAG SWAG I don't care. Everyone knows youlo is the shit. 


Look at this guy, impregnating your mind with his knowledge thrusts.


"YOLO, I'm a mr. sexii" has been a feared battle cry for millennia.


Not that there is anything wrong with that.



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I'm not entirely sure, butt tits better than wotever else is going on.



Via Google Translate, translating that statement to THai, and back again to English garners THis result.




I'm not entirely sure nipples butt better wotever else happens.





THe THai WOT community - 95% of THem are as useful in the game as a THird nipple, yet undoubtably productive members of a THriving SEA nation, a nation I would like to THank for THeir abundance of shemale porn readily available on THe interwebz.

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