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The new Metal Wars campaign kept the experimental modules

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Metal Wars Info

I had the reload on my 907 down to about 4.2 seconds last campaign with one of the modules.  I think it was the air conditioning.

Only 2,200 tanks this time.  Of course Wargaming in its infinite wisdom scheduled a campaign over the July 4th holiday.

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On sea during the last campaign wg noted that they had too few tanks given participation numbers. So they reduced it by about 20% for this campaign.

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Reasoning is "less players are around during the mid-year campains" or something like that.


Plus if that means less chieftains given out, I don't mind so much. Granted the chinese and viets are selling them anyway.

Its $100USD for a fucking chief, and another $100 or more for the style. I'm in the wrong line of business. 

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The tank building thing is kinda dumb, IMHO.
I went away for a few days after the campaign, and at that time I hadn't produced all the components yet. When I came home, the components were ready, but tank production apparently takes long enough that it won't be ready before the 30th...

Couldn't they just give us "build points" or something, and if you have X points you can instantly build a tank?
The crafting thing is so tedious and unnecessary. If I want to collect resources and craft stuff I'll just play Minecraft.

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