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EBR nerfs

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On 6/25/2020 at 11:27 AM, Assassin7 said:

Id say the reason that wasnt used is because of its 1981 introduction date.

It was designed in the 70's, and there were probably earlier prototypes or designs or something before that.
Wouldn't be too difficult for WG to pull some "secret documents" out of their ass and come up with something.

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The hull is a lot like the Lynx 6x6, which isn't so broken because you can fucking shoot it and expect it to damage instead of be absorbed by a black hole of rubber.

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My take on the whole EBR situation (because IMO its the EBR's that primarily are problem) stem from several things.

  • Start by buffing the tier 10 lights so most of them actually feel like actually tier 10 vehicles (and this can mean improving their "medium" tank characteristics too). Even if its perfectly balanced as a tier 10 vehicle, it will be seen as either unbalanced or dominating when the only similar vehicles are notably worse. 
  • Reduce the on the move accuracy. They nearly or feel like a tank that is just as accurate on the move as they have while stationary when playing against them, something that holds true for no other tank in the game.
  • Have a consistent number of wheels-to-destroy-to-immobilize across the line. I'd recommend 4 wheels for complete immobilization (but practically less than that). Wheeled vehicles with more wheels seem significantly harder to effectively immobilize currently than those with fewer wheels
  • Increase how much losing the first wheel degrades the mobility of a wheeled tank, and in general make the initial wheel loses have more of an effect. A single wheel right now can feel more like a slight impediment as opposed to something notable.
  • Reduce mobility slightly, but generally just bring them in line so they play like a slightly more mobile light tank as opposed to something which is relatively removed from other light tanks.
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The on the move accuracy is more of an issue for me than the speed, but I am glad that is getting nerfed.  Just remove them already and we can all go back to whining about arty.

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