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Coming back after a long time, not caring about WN8/damage anymore?

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After another very long break I decided to try some games again with this game that has been haunting my mind since 2014. 

For some reason, I feel semi decently at peace with the game, knowing that I'm not that focused in going for WN8 and damage every game anymore. I now try to make decisions that might help win the game and try to not farm damage uselessly (aka thinking the game is already lost and letting teammates die so I can up my damage a bit). 


Somehow I feel like my contribution is improving in game, even if my damage/wn8 is not better on average. Is this true? Would be nice to have an insight from people who've been more active in the game during recent times.

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Don't mind me joining in.. I reinstalled the game after 3 year hiatus. Got way too much useless but must-be-present zoom-meetings for school so I decided might aswell do something "fun" while at it. Been playing for like 2 weeks now. This has been quite a shock:

Maps have changed, a lot. Of course I went full siema like the game was 2016 and found stuff that wasn't there, died. GG. New maps so I just drive around and see where you die faster and where you die not-so-fast. Also, the game feels like it's become a campfest. Really passive playing. Not one or two times I've seen top tiers camping Murovanka forest hugging the redline. Guess who went head first there, encountered a lone t-54 and was like "man this guy is feeding, I got my... wait, where is my team?"...

New tanks and old ones rebalance. This just takes time. Those "new" prems during 3 year hiatus are annoying but dealable. Wish I had some of those though.

Equipment 2.0, I actually like this but don't have credits to start buying all the stuff I want to try. This sites thread about eq2.0 has been really helpful.

In the end, I play bad now. Most of the time I am just like "man I am stupid, why did I do this and that". I actually noticed that when I am doind wn8-wise well, I tend to have shitty wr. Like sub 40%. And when my wn8 is not that good, wr jumps to 60+%.

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I'm having the opposite problem.  I too am returning since not playing from 2014 and I am eyeing my wn8 / dmg wondering why I am not 3k wn8 anymore with 2k DPG average at tier 8.


Its a bit frustrating, I have been back for 3 weeks now and am struggling a lot to perform as good as I used to years ago.

Would be curious to see how long it took others to be 'unicum' level again.

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