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Hello, i was directed here from the WOT Forum by a very helpful chap.  Looking for some advice on ITX builds, i need to turn my big ass(although nice quiet and cool) tower into a smaller less imposing footprint whilst keeping the noise/heat it produces to minimum (it currently sits on the desk behind the monitor, lost the man cave to my daughter 5 years ago) I know noise and heat will/may be a problem in a smaller case thats why im asking if anyone here has some experience to help guide me.

Utilizing as many of my current components as possible would be nice, but if i have to change some of them then no problem, i will sell on my other hardware.

Current set up

HAF 922 case- 

ASUS Prime X470 Pro motherboard-ATX-Obviously got to go-any recommendations for an ITX board? 

MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB- 280MM long

2x8GB Corsair vengance 3200MHz ram

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4- 162mm High--Brilliant cooler, quiet and cool, any AIO people would recommend that could match the noise this thing doesn't create?

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

Corsair RM550 PSU


Current Temps

CPU idle= 30

CPU Max=55

GPU Idle=38

GPU Max=70


Obviously case and motherboard have to go, and it seems i can get a case like the NZHT H210 and (on paper) re use my cooler and psu.

Generally just any advice from anyone that has an ITX build in here would be appreciated.  

Im going for the smallest footprint attainable before noise and heat ramp up.

Thoughts on the NZXT H1? Been eyeing that up as seems like a straighforward build.

Thanks in advance


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Is your priority to have the system be as small as possible or are you willing to have a slightly larger ITX system to get better cooling?

The NR200 is nice because it can use a 240/280mm AIO.  Newer AIO's cool better than even the largest air coolers at the same noise level or offer the same cooling at a lower noise level.  I think the NR200 won't fir a 162mm high CPU cooler.  Also, you can usually put a pair of 120mm fans below the GPU in the NR200 to blow cool air directly into the GPU fans.  You will need a new power supply with the NR200 and many smaller ITX cases.


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2 hours ago, Bavor said:

Is your priority to have the system be as small as possible or are you willing to have a slightly larger ITX system to get better cooling?


I need to find the best medium, my PC is in our bedroom and due to a move not happening its staying there.  Currently The HAF 922 sits behind my monitor, which looks very imposing, but its whisper quiet when the other half is trying to sleep and I'm gaming.  There isn't much room to spare, my desk is 73cm wide with a 58cm (24inch) monitor.  

Looking into this, cases like the Node 202 or Silverstone RVZ03 would be a great size as they could sit behind the monitor still but not be so imposing , looking at cooling options i think they would perhaps be too noisy unless i could fit a 240mm AIO in or perhaps on with some DIY modding.

The front runners at the moment are the H210 and NR200, These i think would give me the cooling i want but the width/thickness of them would mean i still need to find a new position that's not behind the monitor.  I cant seem to find something in-between these 2 options except the Ghost s1 with a top hat but £250 just for the case i cant really justify.

I'm even looking at cheap second hand cases off ebay with the view to mod it myself, i.e bolting a 240mm AIO on the top of cutting a hole in the side panel and have the tower cooler sticking out like some 1970s muscle car haha.


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