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Orzel's Degeneracy Corner [Not really safe/Enter at own risk!]

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12 hours ago, orzel286 said:

I'll post my results later, spoiler is in "all" slot  of my support list :D Who do I roll for next though? Summer Ilya/Kiara? Douman? Ushivenger is a must.

Niiice, how was the damage?


I ended up having to go through my banked gift cards :(

And to make matters worse, i got fucking 2 in the one roll.

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1 hour ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

Niiice, how was the damage?

Here's the full story:

I always wanted Melt, never got her, she got away this time as well, but!


MEGA MILK np2 (this roll was just before anniverssary)



YUS, Bunny Shishou soon then, woooooo!


Triplets np2.


So... 90 sq. And guess how much sq I got now, after rolling a bit and stopping after Lip np2, then getting sq from all the fragments? 891. And it'll be gone with the wind once I decide to roll for someone I'd like, I just know it. Gacha giveth and gacha taketh away.

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I used up in excess of 500sq worth of rolls for castoria. I havent counted exactly because it was painful.


I got Techi with GSSR. Little sparrow needs to be leveled. I also got HOT WHEELS and a fuck lost of 4*s while rolling for castoria. A lot of my 4*s are very high np now.

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I forgor that Lolivinci will be on rate-up as well...


7 tickets, lmao.

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