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Orzel's Degeneracy Corner [Not really safe/Enter at own risk!]

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One rate-up boat missing after ~100-120 cubes. About 400 cubes and no gold remaining, lol.

In soviet union northern parliament the gacha rolls you!

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18 hours ago, lavawing said:

jesus, orzel your propic :eww:

What? I like chocolate. But I like Ajax's feet even more, 20/10, would eat!



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Ok, new soviet event in azur lane... Interesting. It raises quite a lot of questions about the history of the in-game universe, who, or rather what the shikikan is, what else the northern parliament girls have hiding (aside from their underwear), and where the story will go from now on. Also: looking forward to getting Soyuz.

About 200 cubes spent, had about 500 before the event, rolls were not that great. :/


We meet at last! Even though she looks a bit different than in her previous art, I think?


Look at her, acting all smug and cold and yet being happy she can escort shikikan. Headpat!


The THICCEST Omaha class in game, I think. Hopefully her sisters will get retrofits.


Poor Hipper, being the only flat boat in her class. I think Tallinn is a bit thiccer than Eugen, which is something. Not a gacha roll, but wanted to include her for reasons.


I forgot to screencap her introduction, somehow? I guess I was just too happy, because she was the most elusive one. Anyway - 1) juustagram art is cute af; 2) nge references in al? u wot? 3) sitting in my chair is prohibited SovBel! Unless you want to sit on me as well, only then I'll allow it.

Oh, and iris of light and dark event will be available in war archives - LE BAGUETTE DD GUNS WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

On an unrelated note:

OoOoh, I.

I just died in your thighs tonight....

Ahem - this guys animations make me want to play genshin, but my phone battery and storage space, as well as playing two gacha games already have me split on this. Wat do? :feelsbad:

Looks like BBcodes don't work, somehow? O_o

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G-guys... I did it. I downloaded genshin. Phone hot. PP BEEG. Send luck for starter roll.

I have also ruined the number, it's not 69 anymore... At least saved the screenshot for posterity.


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Events are gone! Finally some breathing space.


Bond 10 and instead of Helena feet time I got some CE as a reward, what a disappointment.


I'm hoping for any harem tbh. Oh, and for devs to stop with the completely fucking stupid strengthening "buffs" - look at Nero, first skill now also charges np, nice; arts card buff for 3 turns, ni- Wait, what? Only on waterside or city battlefields? WHY? THIS IS SOME WARGAMING LEVEL OF RETARDATION, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT :facepalm:

Don't give me "this is justified by lore" shit when there are no mana transfers in game.

(Here I paused writing and genuinely just stared at the screen for about 5 minutes and felt the last bits of my will to live drained by such balans)

Anyway, moving on... Got some retrofits done in The Lewd Boat Game


Lolibaba gets pantyhose and sideboob in exchange for using dd guns as main, fair trade.



Ok, so I played Genshin for a while. Well, it might be my boomer fingers, but honestly: I think that the controls on mobile are just bad. Other than that - looks ok, Paimon is dumb but very cute emergency food, 10/10, would eat. Got Noelle in first 10-pull of her guaranteed newb banner, second 10-pull got me...


A bit of a waste? I guess? Oh well, I'll just eat her after Paimon.


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:feelsbad: Events are bacc! :feelsbad:

Fate Grand Order: Unlimited Loading Works! Tried rolling for Kama, but got IdqGxhH.jpg

instead. Command spells are for NTR!

Finally Ashen Simulacrum rerun! I think that all the old events got reruns now and I'm very interested in what's coming up next.  I think I got every gacha ship with ~60 cubes or something, grind was ez even though this event was supposed to be hard? Aaaaaanyway.


The Thiccness! The underboob! Short hair! Perfect!


I will grant her support in the form of HEADPATS!  Because why not. In my fleet everyone gets headpats!


You're a shipgirl Harry Stephen!


Cooper is not alone anymore!


Cute, just cute.


H-help me step-shikikan, I'm stuck! *Sweet Home Alabama intensifies*

After I got event boats, I switched to building one from light, heavy and special for dailies. Hoooooooo boy, that was a good decision:




Both sisters are retrofitted, totally worth it!

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NP2 Par is NP Loopable.

Good servant.


 YAY Veterans week! Also fuck MHXA banner, this banner has sunk me fucking 600+ quartz over the years. Not fucking rolling for you, already got my MLB Cute Orangette.

Saving quartz for best El Melloi, Reinnes.

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I have a good variety when it comes to zerkers, so not going to roll for her either.

Kinda wish that DW added limited servants to story gacha, with the current rates it doesn't give that much of a chance either, but at least it would be bigger than 0, and it would make story gacha at least somewhat viable instead of being a complete waste.

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Story gacha is a trap :/


The only servants i need for coverage are AOE archers with a battery, and an AOE assassin with battery but FGO has fixed that dilemma with welfares.

Pretty much just rolling for servants i like now.

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Out of gameplay servants I need only waver and memelin. Castoria craze is coming next year, right? Other than that I roll with my pp.


And as if Lewd Boat Game devs heard me talking about making limited characters permament, Ink Stained Sakura will be in war archives (no super rare material needed to access it *cough*rare prisms, such a great idea DW*cough*) and people will get the chance to drop or roll for waifus they couldn't get. I think I got them all, so it's a skip for me, but the point remains.

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DW dont need to make shit easier to get, they say "fuck you" and roll in all the money everyone uses to buy a fuck load of quartz.


That being said, we should be getting an extra roll per 10 roll next year.

Bread crumbs.

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DW really remind me of wargaming. Which is funny because it's actually Azur Lane devs that have some cooperation between them and weegee afaik.

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390 Quartz, 28 tickets. The damage was not as bad as I was expecting.

Only 2 copies of the 5* CE and 4 spare of the 4* CE after a limit break. GOD DAMMIT

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A bit busy lately, time to catch up a bit, been doing some interludes during the last off-week in fgo and got this gem:


I'd pet her camel every day.


Farming boi got to bond 10, weee!

Two Hot Maid Ships got even hotter with retrofits



And got the Alter. Ark Lolicon Alter.


You're definately not the one to talk about "honourable ambitions", lol. Stay away from my destroyers or I will bonk you!

And that's it for now, updates from Azur Lane pasta even and recent (quite surprising) fgo rolls - SOON(TM)

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Whew, I'm kinda exhausted all the time recently, putting effort into my job, hopefully everything goes well. Anyway, recent developments in the degeneracy department have been surprising in places.

Let's start with The Lewd Boat game!

Oh, one more thing: an Iowa-class battleship will finally make an appearance in the upcoming event, an ultra rare!

Ahem, anyway...


What a cute login bonus!


Eternal Thighship.


Illya took a wrong turn and instead of becoming a mahou shoujo she became a destroyer. Now, where's Chloe? I need that little devil as a boat!


Tsukasa from Lucky Star also became a warship, Kagamin when?


I need pasta planes, I don't have any...


Pantyhose, long legs and a dangerously short skirt can make most shikikans sweat.


Awww, a cute fren! *Headpat*


Oh, wow, that thigh THICCNESS to body ratio...


Surprise map drop, I think I got all the Omahas now?


Let the yandere wars begin! Only Saint Louis remains from PR1 botes, and from her development plan I'm half-way through the last mission, the 2 million exp grind.

Got a little floof from the side event as well...




A couple of rolls here and there in recent banners in FGO, nothing special mostly, Hercboi got np2, got a couple surprises though:


A loli book. She'll spend some time at the back of leveling queue...


Luvia! Makes sense, outside of summer welfare, Rin never graced my chaldea. Guess the true Ojou-sama knows what's good for her and everyone!


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Overlord movie and season 4 confirmed, no release dates yet. SASUGA AINZ-SAMA!

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