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My blitzkrieg through her Ardennes Forest and around the back of her Maginot Line would put Guderian to shame!

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Mr Officer, I was just doing some recon in force, it's not my fault I penetrated her defense lines!

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I'm getting there as well.... Still no Dick Wizard. :feelsbad:



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My sq is gone... Space Rinshtar is probably gone too.


Step on me Euryale! H-SCENES WHEN!?

And here are the Memelin rolls... Also got Tamacat, zerkerlot and 4 sumanai's.


Oh, Fran-chan! Nice!


KARNAAAAAAAAAAAAA! That scene when Karna and Godjuna were screaming at each other really reminded me of naruto, lmao.


THE MOTHERFUCKER! 35 tickets and over 600sq, not to mention his other banners... Finally! All the meta supports!

Leftovers - about 150sq - went into CARmilla banner...


Eh? EH? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH? I couldn't get CARmilla, but Musashi appeared... This is some nice gacha trolling. The damn desire sensor!

In other news: my first PR2 boat!


Straight from SerB design bureau, prototype with nice boobas.

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>grail to 120 and new skills

Holy shit, I think dw managed to out-wargaming wargaming with this update. Forget grails, exp cards and qp, the new tokens are servant specific and I have no idea how they're going to implement the trickle of them as a reward or in event shops. And the new passives cost as much as actives. And they're fun, like more powerful extra attack...


Because this is what this game needed, forget making them useful, just throw darts at the effects printed out, it'll be fine. Such BALANS(TM).

Go home DW, you're drunk.

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I think I might have to skip Space Ishtarin banner actually and go straight for Caenis...

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Castoria is an absolute must have, if you don't get her - might as well quit. Koya-chan is in the same category.


And some say that dw didn't want another Merlin-like (OP) servant, fucking LMAO.

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>new fgo update

>some nice stuff, most pretty much meh

>"update support list" button will display cooldown time

WHY? WHY IS THIS BULLSHIT UPDATED WITH A BULLSHIT UPDATE? What the actual fuck, just let me see all my friends, why is it so difficult for devs to make? I'm not playing on a fucking game boy color, smartphones are quite capable these days, pretty sure java isn't that restrictive to limit a fucking list. Do devs even play this game? Do they know how fucking wasteful it is to get the FUCKING RNG to get the servant with a CE that you want from a friend list sometimes?

I fucking swear, DW and WG either had some programmer exchange program or are competing with each other for "the most useless dev team" award.

Oh, and I almost forgot: also coming in 2 years - daily 1 paid sq single pull. This shit is why fgo isn't available in EU, imagine if it actually got traction here and this fucking scam came live, the shitstorm would get to the latest wows Missouri fiasco levels, it would definately get attention from policy makers. The similarities between dw and wg are just mindboggling sometimes, I wouldn't be surprised if one day dw/aniplex are investigated for money laundering as well.

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Posted (edited)

Further newsflash: apparently in recent famitsu interview one of the head devs or whatever, said they're considering pvp in fgo. Best case scenario: it's going to be something similar to excersises from Azur Lane, where you pick your defense team and it's controlled by ai. Will they improve the ai? Will it be like the grail front mini event? Will they scale hp/damage outputs of servants for that mode? Or will they go full retard?

And imagine, for the last couple of days, I've been arguing with brainlets that powercreep and lack of balance is bad. "No, no, no, it's not a pvp game, it's justified by the lore, stfu meta slave, cure your gacha addiction you whale, u just mad cuz you didn't get servants you wanted and your account sucks".



God damn, dw really did all the brainlets defending them dirty.

Also: since dw is pretty much like wargaming - if they sink their resources into something, they WILL implement it and will "make it work". After all, a cube can fit into a round hole if hammered enough. I though about possible rewards for a bit, it can't be too small - nobody will play pvp; but it can't satisfy all those greedy players as well. So my guess is: a small amount of servant tokens player used in this game mode.

inb4 that proves true as well, please prove me wrong dw, just for once.

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go home dw, you're drunk
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15 hours ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

Speaking of which, I rolled a 10 roll to try to get JAGUAR MAN higher NP. I got no JAGUAR MAN. I got fucking Titoria.

Desire sensor working as intended.


Salieri NP2->NP5 with 3 tickets.

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Summer Tama will take all your loads.

I'm on box 50, tried some challage quests, they're as challenged as usual (random crits deleting the main damage dealer on top of all the gimmicks, what a brilliant idea, almost like FAIR&BALANCED(TM) detonations in wows). Just spend the rainbow CS on a revive, fund a new anime or something. WeeGee seal of approval.


The Actual Best Gacha Game is taking things a bit slow recently, wishing well and a rerun with 2 new smolbotes:


Training is not free! 1 hour of training = 1 hour of headpats. Fair exchange rate!


I think I have all the standard battleships now, whew, that took a while.  And DEM THIGHS!


Her bunny skin is LEGENDARY! Also: many people thought that she'll be the SSN, lol.


Took over 300 cubes and 200k coins to get another, somewhat busty, long legged DD. Worth it!

Some new IJN event will drop soon, is Shimakaze finally coming? Yamato/Musashi?...

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5 hours ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

Way past me in boxes. Been busy irl.

I know that pain, hurts almost as much as having to wait a whole week for the next One Piece episode.  :feelsbad:

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Whew, finally, back and with some free time to recharge my batteries! Time to sum up the gacha progress up to now.


Uhhh, fgo being an absolute hell confirmed?...


Blackbeard with some good advice, lol


Space Ishtarin was The Impostor.


Another farming boi bond 10.

Some progress was made in terms of leveling and skills, got finger training in form of opening lotto boxes. Because dw can't make "open all" button, that would make the game too easy. Stop being greedy!



SHIMASS! 10/10, would torp.


White thighights>black thighights.


SPEEDY SPEED BOAT, flat chest, long legs, bit of an airhead, voiced by Saori Hayami. Waifu/10.


2 for the price of 1, the ghost behind her counts as waifu too!


Ark Lolicon fully retro'd, I will protecc my dds by lewding Ark myself!


PR progress, THICC THIGHS are GET! Kitakaze next.




Damn, she took more rolls to get than Shima. Dat new, THICC design tho... Look how her thighs have to be squeezed to fit into the thighights...


Not the best META ship, but I don't care, Fusou is a perfect blend of Ara ara~~ energy mixed with THICCNESS.


Best Feet META. *high fives both Hiryuus*

...huh, so Shikikan is important in the process of transforming wisdom cubes into waifubotes? Interesting development, hopefully this plot thread will be utilized further. Also, wouldn't this be in-universe explanation for high gacha rates? :v


I also found out, that I might or might not actually have a thing for French girls...

Or for a certain... Very enthusiastic tomboy WSO from project wingman

Even more funny: it's a reference to an actual training vid:

LMAO. What a pair of lads, both the trainee (winning a defensive scenario by shooting down the enemy) and the instructor (useful advice and ENTHUSIASM).

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