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Supertest: K-91-PT

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3 hours ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:


im getting heavy 268V4 vibes here

350 EA superstructure and a cupola the size of a malnourished coronavirus particle, I'd wager

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K-91-PT ( USSR, PT-9, promotional). Changes relative to the first iteration of the supertest.

• Dispersion on the move (max.): From 0.19 (8.55) to 0.14 (7.28)
• Dispersion on hull traverse (max.): From 0.19 (8.92) to 0.14 (6.57)
• Front armor of the tank: from 230 to 260
• Maximum forward speed: from 45 to 52
• Maximum reverse speed: from 20 to 23
• View: from 360 to 390

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