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My turn to say hello

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Well, I registered here a while back, around the first time a certain Blackadder loving Belgian got banned from the WoT forums but, if I am honest, I felt a bit intimidated by the all the progamerers here and slipped away quietly before anyone noticed me.


Now, annoyed by the ongoing situation over there, I have plucked up the courage to return here and this time to show my face.  So it's now my turn to say:


"Hi guys."


I must say it's nice to see so many familiar names here, feels comforting in a way, though some have new avatars over here which feels kind of funny and will take some getting used to.  I also really like the layout of these forums (feels like the old WoT forum layout) and the humour that is evident here.  I was (and am) still one of the quieter contributors to the WoT forums but I hope I can contribute here in my own way.




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