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Progetto C50 mod.66 - Tier IX tech tree heavy

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I have just finished playing the tier VIII Italian Heavy the Progetto 54 which is sort of OK if played as a medium. I now have the tier IX Progetto C50 mod.66

I used free exp for the top turret and the top tracks.

But there are two gun choices.

Tier IX Cannone da 105/76 or tier X Cannone da 120/62

Stats for the tier IX are

320 average damage

258/281 penetration

4 shells in magazine

3 seconds time between shots

15/14/13/13 autoreloading time

0.34 dispersion

3.1 aim time.

Stats for the tier X are

400 average damage

242/303 penetration

3 shells in magazine

3.5 seconds time between shots

16/14/13 autoreloading time

0.36 dispersion

2.7 aim time.


To play through and grind the 209,860 experience required for the tier X which gun would you use or recommend?

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From what I head both are viable in their own way. Alpha with low aim time seems attractive though. But so does higher standard pen and 4 shots in the mag.


Will be going up that line soon for the T8 and T9, so listening in for opinions.

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Tried the 105, it's ok, but imo not worth the xp. The 120 is in line for the rhino anyway and offers better dpm.

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Small gun has even worse DPM and only marginally better burst potential. The long aimtime kills it even further. Avoid.

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10 hours ago, lavawing said:

Small gun has even worse DPM and only marginally better burst potential. The long aimtime kills it even further. Avoid.

To add to this, the small gun also takes longer to dump the clip (9 seconds vs 7 seconds), meaning more exposure, which is not ideal.

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      Been struggling with tier 10 since coming back - jesus christ this is awful. If you don't play something OP you feel like a tier 9 in a tier 10 game. 
      Got an account with a 0 game FV215b that I marked (69 games, just barely 4k dpg lmao) - wound up running the equipment piece that prevents fires and the same directive after the same amount of fires as amount of games in a 10 game session (got lit 3 times in one game...) but after that I never got set on fire again. Totally worth putting those up and giving up vents so you can actually use the HP without a fuel tank fire. Been noticing that a lot of casemate TDs are running new equipment as well (7.5s was pretty much enough RLD to permatrack anything until it dies and it is not anymore. It's closer to 6, so I'm assuming it's the equipment since it also varies heavily.)
      907 yoloing with optics+directive is sort of working, I'm keeping 85 but getting good enough of a session without a derp to fall back down after climbing up is so rare with how common the absolutely worst maps are. I have played 8 times the amount of Erlenberg as I have Prokh (assault and encounter enabled), I also get a lot of Kharkov and Abbey that keep showing up too and these maps are just too poorly designed to get a good enough gameplan to fulfill the damage requirements. There's just no play that works well enough. 
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      Long way to go, I hate being this derpy in game quality which is what I'm going to work on but tier 10 is so ass..
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