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Not getting spotted when killing oneshot tank

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If you kill a tank who is oneshot, sometimes you won't get spotted, if only tank which is within the range to spot you is the one you killed.

Tested this in training room, and the result was that if the enemy dies within about 0,165 seconds of when you shoot, that tank will not spot you. It seems to not be exactly 0,165s with every tank/shell, but the results were consistently between 0,165 - 0,172 seconds. Camo value of shooter seemed to not have an effect.

This implies that for every shell velocity, there's a certain distance within which you can kill an enemy without getting spotted by them.

If your shell velocity is 1000 m/s, this distance is about 165 meters.

It can be useful sometimes when you are passive spotting and see someone yoloing towards you, if you can kill them with one shot when they are 50-150m-ish away you wont get spotted. Of course you will still get spotted by other enemies if they are close enough.

I haven't tested this with Call for Vengeance, but I suspect you would get spotted if enemy has that perk.

Did anyone of you know this or is this common knowledge? I had no idea, I've sometimes wondered how I didn't get spotted when shooting somebody right outside the proxy range without double bushing.

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Pretty sure the game's spotting system does "checks" at certain intervals.

At least that used to be my understanding of the system, I may be completely wrong.

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It may be a conspiracy theory but the spotting mechanic recently has been behaving weird and I have not been spotted in situations where I should have been in recent days. 

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Nice that you found time to test this and that it was apparently repeatable. I'd noticed it but just figured it was just wg's servers doing strange things.

One i'm curious if anyone else has noticed, but i think there are situations where you kill the commander (maybe within that 1.65s) and then don't get spotted. Guessing i killed the commander at least as i don't have whatever that perk is that tells you. Could explain some. Could also be their commander was already dead and or it's just wg's odd spotting where some feather floating between my spotting points and theirs kept me unspotted.

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I've been doin it too. But it's soo situational, most of the time it's better to move back behind bush to shoot. 

Because you might not kill the guy, 'cause RNG, or his friends could be close behind him.

It's a little server quirk that' s fun to know, but not really usefull every day

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11 hours ago, Jul_Le said:

If you kill a tank who is oneshot, sometimes you won't get spotted, if only tank which is within the range to spot you is the one you killed.

Tested this in training room, and the result was that if the enemy dies within about 0,165 seconds of when you shoot, that tank will not spot you. It seems to not be exactly 0,165s with every tank/shell, but the results were consistently between 0,165 - 0,172 seconds.

What is your monitors refresh rate?



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12 hours ago, Folterknecht said:

What is your monitors refresh rate?



Refresh date is 144, but I don't think it has anything to do with that.

I noticed that when testing, I got the shortest time result (0,165s) with Strv 103B (1500 m/s), and the longest time (0,171s) with T49 (683 m/s) That is, when you shoot with Strv a target that is 248 meters away, the shell travel time is 248 m / 1500 m/s = 0,165s, and if you shoot with T49 117 meters away, the travel time is 117 m / 683 m/s = 0,171s. In both cases, I didn't get spotted, but if the target were 1m farther away I would get spotted.

The above travel times assume that the shell would follow a straight line, when in reality the trajectory is curved. The slower the shell, the longer path the shell takes to reach a target that is a certain distance away.

That doesn't explain why slower shell velocity is "better" though, it should be the opposite.

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On 2/13/2021 at 3:27 PM, kolni said:

Been knowing and abusing it for ages, get ahead of the curve nerds

Pff, kiddo`s :p


    * 0 - 50 m range - every 0.1 sec
    * 50 - 150 m range - every 0.5 sec
    * 150 - 270 m range - every 1.0 sec
    * 270 - 445 m range (maximum indirect visibility range) - every 2.0 sec

I think (think, not sure, too lazy to google it now) that they changed it, and that the game checks more often nowadays, but in the past, on longe range it was easy to kill ppl without getting spotted, all you needed was RNG :serb:


edit: in 9.16, they increased the spotting thing:


Server-Related Changes

Our server programmers re-wrote the visibility-system code, keeping all previous operating rules. The transfer to a more effective programming language allowed them to reduce the server load and increase the performance of the visibility system. In other words, the system started working more effectively while using the same rules and consuming less resources.

The interval between visibility checks depends on their distance: checks are more frequent at a short distance, and as the distance increases the interval increases as well. The optimisation performed allowed us to increase the number of visibility checks two-fold at nearer distances and adds additional simplified checks for further distances, leading to a three-fold increase in the total number of visibility checks in comparison with the previous version. The increased frequency of visibility checks in turn allows us to reduce the delay when displaying spotted vehicles.

ps: perhaps they also increased this before, dunno about that, that would be the patch they added tier 10 tds (or the patch after) when they reworked how camo net and bushes worked (fixed bonus instead of scaled bonus, to combat russian cloaking devices)

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