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Patrons: Profile badge and on-demand stat updating

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As part of the upcoming (and somewhat delayed thanks to food poisoning) update for session statistics, Patrons are now able to update their statistics at any moment, without a wait of one hour between requests.

Not only that, but Patrons with their account verified here in the forum will also have a special badge next to their player name on their WoTLabs profile showing their patron status.


A huge thanks to all the Patrons that help support us and keep the lights on!


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Hi !

I was wondering why it still shows "Become a patreon" on WotLabs ?


And also, how do I update my statistics "at any moment" ? Is there a button to clic ?

Cheers !

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Odd, that whole section should be hidden for Patrons. I'll write up a fix ASAP!

To trigger an update all you have to do is visit your statistics page! If there's new data available in Wargaming's API the system will automatically grab them and show you the most up-to-date data possible!

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now ads are back, am I the only one experiencing this ?

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18 hours ago, Elias said:


now ads are back, am I the only one experiencing this ?

Can you check now? I tested on my end and it looks normal. Make sure you're logged into the forum as the website authenticates with the forum to grab the user's patron status.

I've also implemented the fix for the "Support the Forum" sidebar appearing for patrons!

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To be more precise, here's what's happening:

If I go to my page, there's an ad on the top right and on the bottom left, even if I refresh with F5.

However if I open the forum and refresh then, the ads are gone.

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Ah I get you. So what's happening is that when you visit the forum, that sets a cookie with your forum authentication. The website uses that to verify that you're in the Patron group and then removes all ads. It seems that something in your browser might be clearing the cookies prematurely.

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I allowed cookies in Chrome like this:



But it still shows ads until I open the forum and refresh wotlabs.

Do you have suggestions ?

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