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What to spend with Bonds

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Came back to the game after 3 years, saw I had 10k bonds and bought a Patriot. Regret immediately. 


Any ideas what I should have bought instead? The bonds Vert Stab look insane. 27% over 20??

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Save all bonds you possibly can for improved equipment. If you've been away that long you've probably missed out on the bounties (same as iEquips but is dismounted for gold instead of bonds). They come in bundles too, so save up 9k at a time and buy two pieces - repeat until you have enough. Using them on anything else without bounty equipment to rotate is just pointless, this is the most efficient way anyway

Put IEQ on tanks you will remain playing. 600 bonds for all 3 to dismount is a lot. 

As an example I have 7 full sets now, 5 of them are on CW tanks and 2 on my random tanks that I'll never stop playing. Bounty equipment rotates around for the flavour of what I want to play. This is the most efficient way. 

After that, you can get directives to boost even more - during events they give out shitloads of these (generally not the useful ones... but they are better than no directives) - the second tier ones can be bought for credits now as well

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Thanks. Confirms what I thought.

Could have bought 2 Improved equipment with that 10k bonds.

Oh well. 

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On 3/24/2021 at 12:36 PM, Bobi_Kreeg said:

1) OP tier X tanks

2) T8 premium, until you have 2-3

3) Equipment 

How much was Chief last time? 45k?

What OP tier X tanks? this only applies if you can get to CW shop. Normal shop t10 bond tanks are dogshit

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12 hours ago, hazzgar said:

this only applies if you can get to CW shop.

You answered your own question. 

You're welcome.

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