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How I got my old account linked to the Steam version of WoT

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Disclaimer - This may not work upon the next update, this may not even work tomorrow, but I've got it working now and I'm not having any issues with it. Just don't blame me if you screw it up and end up having to reinstall WoT.

Doing the following will allow you to launch the normal WG Game Center from Steam when clicking the "Play" button on your Steam installation, it should also allow Steam to update WoT for you instead of having the WG Gaming Center running in the system tray all the time (however, I can't actually confirm this until we get an update). The only cavate I've found is that while you can use the "Stop" button on Steam to close the game, it will not close the launcher, so you will still appear to be playing until you close the launcher.

1) Make sure you have both the normal WoT client AND the Steam WoT game installed
2) Editing the directory
    2a) Navigate to your current WoT installation and copy the file "wgc_api"
    2b) Navigate to your Steam WoT installation file and paste the file
    2c) In that same directory, delete or rename "wgcs_api"
    2d) Rename the file you just copied from "wgc_api" to "wgcs_api"
3) Modifying Permissions so Steam can't overwrite
    3a) Right click on the newly named file and click properties
    3b) Open the security tab and click "Advanced"
    3c) Click "Disable Inheritance" and click "Remove all inherited permissions from this object" (accept any prompts)
    3d) Click "Add", click "Select a principal", enter the name "Users", click "Check Names", click "OK"
    3e) Select Type "Allow"
    3f) Check only "Read & Execute" and "Read", then click "OK"
    3g) Repeat step 3d but select the type "Deny" and check only "Write", then click "OK"
    3h) Click "Apply".
4) Delete or rename the "na" folder from the steam WoT directory (or whatever your region is - I'll still refer to it as "na" from here on)
5) Create a new "na" folder and copy the entire contents of your normal WoT directory (files and folders from the  World_of_Tanks_(region) folder)
6) Run the Steam Version of WoT by clicking "Start" in Steam
7) Adding the game to the launcher
    7a) When the launcher pops up, it will still be referencing your normal installation. Make sure you're on the WORLD OF TANKS tab and click "Game Settings" near the top left.
    7b) Click "Uninstall Game" and click "CONTINUE"
    7c) Exit out of the survey. In some cases, the tab will not disappear, this indicates the launcher has already found your Steam installation and linked it correctly. If you no longer have a WORLD OF TANKS tab, go to the ALL GAMES tab and click "Import Installed Games" near the top right.
    7d) It should find the Steam installation but if it doesn't select the "na" folder from the Steam WoT installation directory

8 ) There are a few quality of life settings changes you should make in the client.
Because Steam watches the Game Center program to determine if you're playing tanks, you should no longer simply have it minimize to the taskbar. You also shouldn't need the Game Center to update your game any more, as Steam should now take care of that. Note that you'll need to close the game center for Steam to know you aren't playing any more, and Steam doesn't close this program by clicking "X Stop" within Steam (as I said at the start).
    8a) Click the Gear icon on the left side of the Game Center
    8b) Under General, only "Exit Game Center when I close the main window" should be checked
    8c) Under Updates, nothing should be checked
    8d) Under Auto Updates, at least "World of Tanks" should be unchecked
    8e) Save any changes and you're good to go.

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