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How to get better (suck less) at Brawling

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Hi guys. How to get better at brawling. I suck at it. I am absolutely horrible. I just got outplayed by a 279e in my own 279e.


Also what mouse settings do you use for wot?

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Maybe upload a replay or two with some examples.
I'm pretty decent at brawling, I just suck at everything else now.

For mouse settings, I'm running way too high sense for me, and can't aim for shit, but I keep forgetting to lower it.

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Replay would be good. My guess is he out-positioned you. 

I play on a 50cm 360, I play a shitload of FPS so I just carried over the same sens into WoT

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Which hand needs mechanical work?

Aim is just practice. 

Movement is more precise due to being different in every tank you play. You need to translate the feel of the tank into getting similar patterns of movement with a different amount of time put into the keystrokes. The easiest way to do this is to spam the same tank as you won't play something else to reset what you're learning. Using similar movement patterns (knowing that a 907 takes a full second to poke from hugging a wall with your front into the best sidescrape angle with a shot and pulling back into an unpennable ange again together with enemy reload means you can always assume that window for damage if you know their reload counter, easiest way being assuming the optimised timer to minimise risk) 

Brawling is like 50/50 game knowledge/awareness and 50 mechanics. You can outplay pretty much every 1v1 mechanically but brawling isn't always a 1v1 so you need to have a grasp on what's going to happen to be able to see things coming. 



I don't play FPS games at all. Aim-dot and reticle are just so different that aiming for the highest chance of pen rather than the weakest point makes it different from other games. Aim-dot accuracy is great but not very necessary. General reticle placement is the mistake many more people make. 


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