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Sooo....you likey?

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Um, so yeah.  I find myself alone.  Been following the same small group of guys/gals since open Beta.  Now most have quit the game, or moved on to the best clans in the game.  A few are still in the clans I was in.  During the process of following them, I burned some bridges with different clans (Sorry Forge/Anvil, Kitties and ACES!).  Bottomline, I am not great, I am not good material for FC or DC, but I strive to improve and would like to find a new home.


This will be the first time where I do not beg for others to follow into the clan, or ride the coat tails of others. 


Ok, onto what I gots in the garage:


Tier Xs widely used:  62A, Batchat, E5


Tier Xs sometimes used:  IS7, IS4, Patton, M60, E50M, Maus, 261, T92


Tier Xs researched, but not bought: T57, AMX50B


Tier X lines I am working currently:  E100 (Need to buy E75), E4 (Need to buy T30)  BatArty (Idon'trememberthename)


I have played all different kindas of battles in CW and and called a few (please don't ask me to call for you, ever). 


My general stats are in my sig below, if you want more info, or to see some of my fail battles, look me up on noobmeter.


This is me...alone...scared...will you hold me? :sad:


EDIT: I am normally Blue!  This is not the norm!!

             I      I        I             I           I         I

             I      I        I             I           I         I

             I      I        I             I           I         I

            V     V      V            V         V        V

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LUIGI is interested in taking you on.  We're a close knit clan and do lots of platooning. Currently we're on the map next to green land. If you're interested pop on our TS and we'll see if you'd like to make our clan your new home. 


recruitment thread: 


TS: bambam.dyndns.org:9989



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