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The Full Stealth Build

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2 hours ago, WhatTheSkara said:


I gave it a go in the obj 140, regular equipment (all I can afford at the moment) gives me 490 something view range, about 40% camo and boosted CVS.

I got prok, south spawn on encounter, so the 1/2 line becomes less relevant but I thought it would still be a good test bed for the build, especially since there were no LTs: well it fucking sucked, I snook up the 1/2 up to the middle ridge only to find my support tanks had melted for some reason and I found myself alone vs a t95 and a bunch of mediums.


Idk if it's bad luck or me not understanding spotting/camo mechanics anymore 😕

There is no equipment build, ammo loadout, or crew skill that fixes stupid feeders. Once a week i lose a Prok game where i spot 6k+ but my idiots still can't figure out where to sit to shoot.

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On 10/6/2021 at 6:29 PM, WhatTheSkara said:

I'm probably doing something wrong, but how can my t100 with 480m vr, 44% camo and boosted CVS get regularly outspotted by pretty much every tank in the game?

Not even firing or staying in the open, I'm literally sitting inside a bush yet SS goes off and nothing gets spotted in return 😕


I don't get it

I'm confused.

With LNES I kept getting spotted.

I switched it for vents and I'm fucking invisible now 😕

I'll keep CVS, regular vents and optics (in this order) for now. VR is in the 490s with food and camo is around the 37% level, should get a tiny bit higher once I unlock field mods 6

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Full stealth build was situationally very nice on Standard B.
Got me the third mark, despite being on full tilt and making tons of stupid mistakes.
Dropped from 94,8% once, and later from 94,96%...



This was just filthy to be honest.



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