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Pornvagn - IKEA´s answer to the Concept 1B

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Hey Tankers!

The Tier VIII Swedish Bofors Tornvagn heavy tank has been sent to the closed Supertest stage.

The vehicle has a 120mm gun with 400 damage per shot. The standard APCR shell penetrates 248mm, while the special APCR shell penetrates 297mm. The shell velocity is comfortable, but it is worth remembering that APCR shells lose their penetration rate a little more with distance than AP shells. The gun has an accuracy of 0.45, an aiming time of 2s, and a reloading speed of 14s.

The turret has an unusual design. The nominal armour thickness reaches 280mm in the turret and 260mm in the hull. The gun depression elevation angles are impressive at -10/20 deg. The vehicle has 1,600HP. Its top speed is 32km/h and the power-to-weight ratio is 11.6h.p./t.

The Bofors Tornvagn is a tank that will perform well among terrain irregularities thanks to its good gun elevation/depression angles, and its rather powerful gun should help deal with any enemy. However, the relatively slow turret and hull traverse speed can make it an easy target for manoeuvrable vehicles, so you should stick with your allies.


Additional Statistics 

Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.25
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.11
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.11
Dispersion after shot – 4
Shell Velocities – 1000/1450/680
Terrain Resistances – 1.2/1.3/2.1 


It is slow, meh gunhandling when moving the turret, but boy does it have turret armor and pen for T8.

This could have been a good T9 premium. Just boost the dpm a bit, good gun handling more speed. Done. WG could sell a swedish Concept 1B for money. 

For more information. Here the original Blueprints. It is historical. To some degree. 



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Bofors used to be Sweden’s biggest weapons manufacturer, grew up an hour away from their main office. Pretty sure Alfred Nobel ran the company (Nobel prize guy) until they started making gun powder, used to be a steel mill before that. Company grew very aggressively due to arming Sweden during the WWs and exporting to some degree. Pretty sure BAE owns the division that makes heavy armaments now as Bofors dissolved some time in the 90s. 

Very typical tank for Sweden, almost everything was designed to operate on scandinavian terrain. The direct translation of Tornvagn is ”Towerwagon” which should speak to what this tanks intended purpose was. 

Would enjoy trying it out with a heavy aim reducing setup to get it playable in medium range. It’s DPM and VR are already beyond saving so I’d rather opt into making sure the shots don’t miss as the pen should mitigate some of the issues of center mass aiming. Playing it at ranges above 150m just seems impossible without equipping specifically for it, you won’t take damage but you’ll also not see shit and damage anything either. 
(Rammer, and some 2 combo of vstab/aim circle/irm depending on  how reticle behaves in motion)

I would have considered putting the Kunzepanzer mechanic on it and adjusting other stats to shift it from CQC to mid range as it just makes no sense with an armour profile this strong at range and giving it a gun that can’t make use of that



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Whats with all new sweden tanks latelty? WG plan a new heavy (or medium) tank line? (for cristmas)

Im not complaining, more is almost always better, but still

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