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TNH 105/1000 - The Personification of WG's strategy for selling Tier 8 Premiums

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Yeah, yeah, no one cares, blah blah whatever.

Okay, so the TNH 105/1000, as per the title, this thing is pretty much the complete personification of WG's recent strategy for selling a swag of tier 8 premium tanks, by making it 'not completely awful' but 'grossly underpowered' when compared against its flashy new premium counterpart.

This thing kind of makes me feel conflicted. On one hand, on paper it is pretty much a straight-out better tank relative to the tier 7, but in practice it somehow ends up feeling much worse tier-for-tier. Let's consider - when you move up from the tier 7, you get no increase in alpha, but at least with the top gun you get a noticeable bump in DPM to a level where it is at least competitive in the tier for the alpha. It is quite comparable in terms of firepower to the T32 - you get slightly less DPM but much better penetration (both gold and standard), and do okay when compared against other 300/320 alpha heavies in the tier in terms of DPM and/or penetration. You are faster, noticeably so, quite easily hitting 40kph on hard terrain and getting over 30kph fairly reliably, although it will struggle to really ever hit its max of 50kph. This is quite useful for moving around and can allow you to run with medium tanks if bottom tier. Armour remains so-so but is weaker tier-for-tier and won't stop much. This is where I think the tank starts to struggle - the turret is nowhere near as good as the T32, with a very prominent cupola and the spaced armour only really helping out against lower-tier HEAT reliably, and the gun handling is pretty bad, with turret dispersion in particularly quite bad. This means that unlike the T32, you cannot really expose to take advantage of the good DPM and with the dodgy gun handling, it's also dangerous sitting still to try and aim, and snapping is not very good at anything beyond brawling range. It is also pretty blind with only 370m base view range.

It is also the first tank in the line to get a 2-shot autoloader too. Here, it has its moments - and for me at least, my DPG jumped markedly compared to the stock gun when using it - but the DPM here is just too bad. 640 alpha clip for 22 second clip reload is just too little, and the DPM shows it with a base of under 1,600 which is already bad for a tier 7 and absolutely tragic at tier 8. When I first got the autoloader and tried it out, I had a run of 2 wins in 10 games where I averaged just a shade over 2k DPG but just could not kill anything fast enough to stop teams melting around me. The comparison to the premium tank really, really stands out here, with the T65 getting just over 2k DPM for 920 alpha burst with comparable gun handling (weaker penetration the only downside in terms of firepower). The disparity is just massive.

One plus side if you are grinding it as intended is that the stock grind isn't too bad, with the guns all at under 20k in XP and you are able to fit everything (including the upgraded engine) without the upgraded tracks.

50 games for a mind-numbingly bad 33% win rate - my worst in a tier 8 tank by some margin, and worse than most tier 7 tanks too. People talk about cursed tanks, and this one absolutely feels like it to me - 1,689 DPG and 323 average assist. Not actually that bad compared to some other tanks in the tier (and actually better than things like my old Tiger 2, the AMX 50-100 and the O-Ho) so the win rate is perhaps a bit of a victim of bad luck, but it just doesn't feel competitive and even when top/same tier you don't feel like you have the tools to dominate the match.

Not a keeper, and recommend moving on as quickly as possible if you've got the free XP/blueprints. You're not missing anything much here.

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in the end i swapped back to the single shot gun, the dpm is just too bad, 22 sec rld and 0.38 acc with still only 2x 320, its just shit


I ran it try hard with food, bia purple vent / stab and vent directive, and it was still just not good, so i put the single shot gun and dumped the expensive equip (and worked better)

Only way to fix this is by giving it 2x 360 and better accuracy i think, or a massive dpm buff (2k minimum, so 17 sec rld for a clip)

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