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PC prebuilds and why they mostly suck

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My first PC was a prebuild, but from our local PC shop, so they knew what they are doing hopefully. Meaning the built it, they didnt just sold it.

I dont know why people buy these. Sad thing most of the buyers have zero clue about PCs, so the dont even know how bad it is. 

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I'd say it's mind-blowing how bad some of these huge companies are at building desktops, but a lot of it is intentional.  Gotta impede people upgrading the shit they buy from you, that way they just get frustrated and replace the whole thing.  I think their goal is to laptopify the desktop.  Ideally turn the whole thing into a black box the customer won't touch and can't fix or upgrade.

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I think prebuilts are made for those people who understand nothing in PCs and just wants to use Word and email. To say sharply, for housewives etc. No need to pay attention to prebuilts if you already know what's going on inside the box and how to improve it.

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