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sr360's Non-potato games

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EDIT: I play a large variety of tanks, across many lines and tiers. I will be posting notable games almost on a nightly basis, depending on what tanks I am playing at that point in time.


The games will range from good to very good, and they will be chock full of my usual mistakes, bad shooting skill, questionable decision making, and all-around potatoness, but hopefully they will prove instructive to some.


Just ran up a 7.1K damage T-54 game, where I bolster one flank, then the other, then RTB to eliminate the capper, then return for cleanup.






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Here's the story of the game, for those who can't watch the replay.


Loading in, there is little to choose between the teams. Our KT is competent, but not much else is all that good:



As my initial move I rush to B4, on the reverse of that little town, and start lighting their forces heading to town



I begin working over their town forces, who are now forced to split attention between me and our town forces. They are pinned down and caught in a crossfire. Our good KT capitalizes on the situation.



Between the two of us, a withering crossfire takes down their town, but the other side has now fallen.



I fall back to base as our town forces push on



I take a circuitous route expecting to run into their forces, but as it transpires they fall back and demolish our town push. I run into a lone fairly healthy M103 whom I camo snipe/hulldown, as he hastily falls back.



As I push up further I spot their T95, penning a shot on the move on him. Now their M103 and T95 are in a position to mutually support. Our 122-44 ran straight at them and suicided, and our BAD IS-8 is following me in.



So I reverse direction and come in from the other side of the tracks, not lighting until I am almost on top of them



I kill the M103 as the T95 frantically tries to turn



And start working over the T95



However, the T95 reverses up against the tracks, and I make a small directional mistake (BAD CQC skils, sr, BAD)... and our base starts to be capped. I tell the IS-8 to hold while I head back to cap ... I am worried that their last 2 tanks are going to be on cap so I didn't want to waste the time needed to kill the T95, figuring the IS-8 could hold him at bay or kill him.




Luckily the T34 is slow, and I make it back to cap as he approaches it, and kill the 13 75 with 20 seconds to spare. Meanwhile our IS-8 dies.



Next the T34, who eats my HEAT rounds as I am out of AP



With time running out I spy the T95 sitting on the inside of the tracks, towards the inner lake, so I take the outside route



Cut in hard, faster than he can turn (as it transpires, I had damaged his engine on the last go-around)



And kill him for the top gun and the win (though not before getting 2 0-damage crits with HEAT on his tracks). Note only 3-4 seconds to spare.



EDIT: Crab, how's that for non-potato HP conservation?


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very good game. it was very close in the rest of the team also. same number of useless turds at 0 damage. 


your tiger 2 was also very impressive for a tier 8.

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Hard carry in a T32, my 3rd-highest XP game ever.


A little messy cleanup at the end, but this is where optics on the T32 came in handy, as I sniped out KV-4s from outside their view range.


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A sampling of games from this weekend, with brief commentary.




This one is rather simple. Take the reverse slope on Prok, light for arty, snipe down to the middle, and use the E-50M's 8 degrees of sideways gun depression and relatively good gun handling to best advantage.




I rode my luck heftily here, as I absorb 2 0-dmg crits from a well-known player's 704, while dealing out a great deal of damage and racking up DUD




The other team stood no chance, as I controlled vision through the entire center of the map, lighting for both our hill snipers and our 1-2 line campers. Vision control led to a complete fail cascade and a rare 15-0 wipe.

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Stock Object 416? Team doesn't want to push in tier 8s vs tier 6s? No problem.


Camo up and shred em all...


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A solid game for me, but the damage was massively inflated by an enemy 39% IS-6, who has the worst case of tunnel vision I've ever seen...
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Got my Ace Tanker in the E-100, despite bouncing an insane number of shots off the luckiest E-75 in existence.


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A selection of recent games:


Abusing the view range and accuracy of the Marder III for fun and profit:




This one is epic. We are down tanks, and being outvisioned. We have a pubbie T30 who seems to be able to hit targets but do little else. No-one else is willing to scout. So in goes SCOUT KV-5. 5.6K DUD, and Patrol Duty...


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Scout KV5.  What.


Reminds me of those games where the pubs would tell the Black Prince to go scout.


Thing is, no one asked me to scout. But as the only player on the team who understood vision and how to use it, it was incumbent upon me to try to re-establish vision, or else lose the game. As Garbad says, "better the wrong tank doing the right thing, than the right tank doing the wrong thing."

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Shaking off the rust with a hard-carry in the WZ-111 1-4. I finally gave upon grinding the 100 and free XP'd the 130, to stellar result:


Note that the win was achieved with only seconds to spare.
Game Description:
After initial cautious trading of shots, the enemy team gains momentum through a major push around the lighthouse. I use the speed of the 111 to relocate and hit from different angles, pulling a game that should have been lost out somehow.
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A selection of recent games.


How to win Highway, South spawn

Standard stuff: take north, go mid, snipe, go back to base and clean up their base assault. The Cent 7/1 is in its element here, and its long range sniping abilities, hill climbing and gun depression are well demonstrated.


... And North spawn.

With both teams stacked full of TDs, its just a matter of gaining vision and progressively clipping enemy tanks.


Solo pubbing in a Chi-Nu with a crap crew. Not an exceptional game, but a fun one.

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