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sr360's Non-potato games

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T34, Swamp, BT10. High Caliber, Ace Tanker. I cross the swamp and get dug in underneath the enemy ridge, then work the ridgeline from there, picking off tanks. AN IS-7 pushes in, then bounces, pulls back and I farm him and a VK100.01 and end up with 4.4k dmg


Type 59, Paris, BT8. A game that was almost lost gets saved by a last-second reset as the counter hits 100


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Type 64, Karelia Assault, BT6. Patrol Duty, Scout, Ace Tanker. I dive across, almost get YOLO'd twice, almost get TK'd by arty, spot a lot of tanks, clean up, then do get TK'd by arty... Life of an LT.


Strv 74, Arctic Region, BT8. Oskin's Medal. Initial patient play in the north allows me to pick off tanks, then move in for the kill, only to die to a camping Cromwell while searching for my top gun.


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