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Sooo, I bought the infamous CDC... but I need advice

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Honestly, its not that bad!
However I wanted to ask some people that have a 3mark on it for advice, stuff like equipment and general playstyle.
Im currently on almost 2.6k WN8 and 65% WR in the 26 battles i've got on it so far.
Please, if anybody has any advice on how to 3mark this baguette of a tank, hit me up!


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play it like ”what if i were in a light tank without light tank camo” or an LT on a city map

with new equipment this tank is literally worse than ever, but the requirement should reflect that as the only people playing this tank are people who need credits but refuse to buy something from wg again, which could be a small enough number that you might end up playing against your own average

(check hall of fame to see how many people have at least 50 games on it this month, if it’s less than 10 you’ll raise the mark yourself while playing it which is not an enjoyable experience) 


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