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Review of all top tier Medium Tanks for Average and below players

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As a completely average player who has managed to pick up all of the tech tree medium tanks I thought I would give anyone searching for a review my two cents.  Streamer reviews by people like Quickybaby or Skill4ltu are great but they are simply not in the average player’s class and so have different preferences. I have also noticed that Quickybaby is starting to rate quirky tanks with high skill caps like the K91 and CS 63 higher each year but those opinions will just lead the average player astray, so here is my summary broken town by a couple of factors. In summary my top 3 favorite tier 10’s are the Leo 1, STB 1, and the Progetto 65. I’m also a fan of the OBJ 140, TVP 50/51 and the UDES 15/16.

UDES 15/16 - Sweden

Summary: The UDES 15/16 is a solid tank and on par with the tier 8 UDES 14/5 in tier for tier competitiveness. Properly used the gun depression mechanic and armor layout of this tank can be very effective especially combined with its high (for a medium) alpha.  However, this a difficult tank to master and you will frequently find yourself exposing the unarmored lower plate.  Properly peeking a ridge line is much harder in this tank than a normal tank without pneumatic suspension or even those with it like the STB-1.  The standard shell velocity is also pretty slow with a mildly inaccurate gun making any shot beyond medium range a tricky endeavor.  This means that you cannot really play this tank as a stealthy ridgeline sniper and I often get sucked into medium tank brawls where it is difficult to manage the armor layout effectively.

The Grind: Pretty easy, the Leo at tier 7 leads to both the Swedish heavies and the mediums. Once fully upgraded it is a highly mobile hard hitting medium, albeit with no armor.  The tier 8 UDES 14/5 was my highest win rate tier 8-63% (including premiums) and is a stealthy hard hitting sniper with good mobility and camo. The tier 9 UDES 16 plays very similar to the tier 10 with an armored turret and similar tactics. I neither liked or hated this tank but certainly sold it as soon as I got the tier 10. 

Recommended Equipment: Optics/Vents, Gun Rammer, Vstab

Recommended for Beginners: No, the difficulty of mastering the gun depression mechanic and the tricky layout of the armor makes this a challenging tank to play effectively.

Ranked Competitive: Maybe, I have had some luck with it but you don’t see many people playing it in that game mode because of the tricky armor layout, fast pace of the game, and constant artillery fire make ridge fighting a quick affair. 

Ranked Competitive: Maybe, with the arty nerf and 10 v 10 mode ridge fighting is becoming more common and properly played this tank could work but it is still uncommon.

Would I get it again?: Maybe, I don’t find myself playing it very much though I don’t have anything against this tank.  The grind to get it is pretty painless, with the tier 8 being one of my favorite tanks in that tier. 


Leopard 1 - Germany

Summary: Do you like fast tanks with good gun depression and hyper accurate guns? As long as you are willing to settle for 0 armor this is the tank for you.  With great shell velocity, good alpha, great pen, best in class accuracy and superb gun handling combined with very good mobility this tank is a joy to play…if you are a skilled player.  Flanking and supporting from concealed positions this tank can be devastating, get caught in a close range brawl though and it gets tricky fast.  I really enjoy this tank and have had some great games in it, but other times it seems to be difficult to find an opening to use this tank’s advantages.  You have to really know the maps and be able to predict the flow of the game to reposition for best advantage quickly.  I do enjoy this tank, but it is one of my worst win rate medium tanks. I seem to finish top in so many losing games, which is probably a result of the difficulty of getting deep enough into the fight early to influence the outcome decisively before momentum swings against the team. The lack of armor prevents any early aggressive moves or close-in ridgeline fighting. 

The Grind: Somewhat painful, the tier 8 Indian Panzer has a horrible reputation, one that was bad enough that I used fragments and free experience to skip it.  The tier 9 was once a dream tank, basically the tier 10 very slightly dumbed down for tier 9. After a nerf the difference is more stark between tier 9 and 10 but the tier 9 is still a great tank and one I enjoyed immensely. 

Recommended Equipment: Vents, Rammer, Vstab  - a turbo is used by some but it isn’t as necessary as the vstab to allow for those snapshot opportunities.  An Improved aiming mechanism seems unnecessary as well given the already fantastic accuracy.

Field Mod adjustment: After you get field mod level 6 drop pick up a Low Noise Exhaust in the scouting slot to make this a truly stealthy sniper. You don't have armor anyway so its better not to get spotted.

Recommended for Beginners: Absolutely not, this is the kind of tank that unicums will dominate in and average players will lose in (observe its overall stats).  Do not grind for this tank until you are very comfortable with your skill level.  A beginner or even intermediate player will find this tank very challenging.

Ranked Competitive: Yes, the lack of armor doesn’t matter in ranked as much where everyone is spamming gold rounds.  This tank has fantastic gold rounds, decent camo and hyper accuracy which allows for competitive play. Leo’s are common in ranked.

Would I get it again?: Yes, I love this tank and enjoy playing it, even if it is very much a map dependent tank.  I wouldn’t want it as my only tier 10 medium, but it is among my top 3 overall favorites.



STB-1 - Japan

Summary: Arguably one of the best medium tanks in the game and the ultimate ridgeline warrior.  It has turret armor, great DPM, and amazing gun depression combined with good mobility.  The pneumatic suspension gives this tank the best gun depression in a tier 10 medium tank.  The solid turret armor and higher profile than the Swedish UDES 15/16 means that peaking over ridges is much easier and fairly seamless in execution. The gun has fantastic DPM with decent alpha damage and good-enough accuracy to make it this an extremely flexible tank.  The top-speed is not very high, but power-to-weight is great so it moves quickly.  The gun accuracy makes long range sniping difficult but possible in a pinch.  Overall a very competitive tank

The Grind: Ok, the tier 8 STA-1 is a generic medium tank with a modern look and feel that plays ok. Few players keep it for very long so it is not often seen on the battlefield anymore.  I was so eager to get to the tier 10 that I skipped the tier 9 and now I think I might have missed something. The tier 9 Type 61 is very commonly encountered at that tier and seems to have an accurate hard hitting gun with decent mobility and a turret that is occasionally tricky to penetrate at range.

Recommended Equipment: Vents/Optics, rammer, Vstab. 

Field Mod Adjustment: I did experiment with dropping either the vents or rammer and putting improved hardening in the survivability slot, this gave me more staying power in ranked and I have kept it that way.

Recommended for Beginners: Yes, the common sense armor layout, great gun depression and fantastic dpm mean that even average players can do quite well in this tank.  It works for beginner to advanced players as a very competitive vehicle.

Ranked Competitive: Yes, this is the meta medium in the current 10 v 10 mode of the most used tanks in ranked which just speaks for how good it is.  In the 2020-21 season before 10 v 10 it was also the most used tank in ranked. 

Would I get it again?: Yes, absolutely, it is among my top 3 favorite tier 10 mediums and I would highly recommend it to anyone.  If I could have no other tier 10 medium it would either be this or the Italian Progetto 65. 



Progetto 65 -Italy

Summary: Nerfed pretty heavily in 2020 it is still one of the most competitive tier 10 medium tanks, and my current favorite tier 10 medium. Using a four round auto-reloader that loads shells one by one as you fire them it provides a great combination of burst damage and single shot potential. It has good mobility, very decent accuracy, manageable gun handling with acceptable gun depression.  It can operate as a flanking sniper with the ability to go in close and punish unwary opponents with repeated hits. It has no turret armor but the upper hull will bounce almost anything making it more survivable than the Czech TVP 50/51.  Managing the reload can get tricky, because it takes a long time to reload from the bottom of the magazine so it is not uncommon to get stuck in painfully slow single shot situation as you constantly have to fire your single round.  In many ways it can be played similar to the Leopard but with the added advantage of being able to really punish tanks in the open. The standard pen and shell velocity are great, gold rounds increase the pen but substantially lower the shell velocity making it hard to hit targets at range. 

The Grind: The easiest grind in the game for me. The tier 8 introduces the auto-reloader mechanic and is a great tank with a good punch, mobility, and accuracy, albeit with a massive only moderately armored frame.  The tier 9 improves on the tier 8 by lowering the size of the tank and increasing the punch further.

Recommended Equipment: Vents, aiming device/rotation mechanism, bounty Vstabs if you have them.  You have to tame the nerfed gun handling and you need all the help you can get. If you don’t have bounty Vstabs you will probably need to double stack an IRM rather than an aiming device. 

Recommended for Beginners: No, the tricky armor layout and mixed sniping and flanking gameplay style make this a difficult tank to do well in as an average or below average player. The very best players were abusing this tank which is why it was nerfed in 2020 but it is still very good in an above average player’s hands.

Ranked Competitive: Yes, both in the current and in the old ranked format. In 2020-21 on the EU server this was the most used medium tank for ranked. The combination of mobility, accuracy and burst make it well balanced for the ranked environment.

Would I get it again: Yes, it would probably be the first tank I would get again.  Next to the STB-1 and Leopard it rounds out my top 3 favorite tier 10 mediums. 


M48A5 Patton - USA

Summary: The jack of all trades tank, this was my very first tier 10 and my win rate shows it.  Before equipment 2.0 it really suffered from poor mobility but adding a turbo really gave this tank new life. It has great base view range, good gun handling and depression, combined with a very solid turret.  Its poor camo values make it a bit challenging for me to play as I am often spotted early and sniped from a distance as you slowly trundle into position chasing all the faster mediums.  Quickybaby really likes this tank and there is no reason it can’t perform.  It definitely falls in the heavium category of mediums but unlike the 430U it has a large profile and so makes a big target.  I don’t find myself playing it very often anymore though it is more enjoyable now with a turbo added.

The Grind: Average, the tier 7 T20 is fantastic tank for its tier with good mobility and a hard hitting gun. The tier 8 Pershing is definitely the weak point in the tree and something to work through as quick as possible. Its poor mixture of everything just makes it a sub-par tank in the premium tank saturated tier 8 arena.  The tier 9 M46 Patton is a breath of fresh air after the Pershing with its good DPM and gun. 

Recommended Equipment: Vents, Turbo, rammer.  The Turbo is a must, without it this tank is too slow for the current meta.

Field Mod Adjustment: In the second field mod slot it might be worth picking survivability and mounting improved hardening in place of vents.

Recommended for Beginners: Yes, the solid all around stats make this an excellent beginner tier 10. It isn’t OP but it can be good in the hands of beginners and advanced players.

Ranked Competitive: Not really, its turret isn’t good enough to block gold and its large profile makes it an easy target. It can work with some difficulty, but it wouldn’t be among my top 5 choices.

Would I get it again: Eventually, its an iconic ‘real’ tank and it plays solidly as an all-rounder.  I wouldn’t rush to it but I would be ready to pick it up.

E50M - Germany

Summary: This is sort of like the leopard with a little bit of Armor and worse cammo values. It has a gun that is similar to the Leopard but a little worse in every way (accuracy, alpha, dpm, pen).  In exchange you get functional turret armor that can block standard ammunition and a hull that can deflect shots from some lower tier tanks. This tank has a unique place in the game in that it is a ramming machine. The ramming mechanics mean that this tanks shape, speed, and mass give it a devastating ram for other medium or light tanks. I destroyed a full health T100LT with a full speed ram into its flank in my first game with this tank.  In random battles this tank will perform well as an all-rounder similar to the M48 Patton, though it is faster and larger.

The Grind: Somewhat painful, the tier 7/8 Panther’s do not live up to their historical reputations in this game and are for the most part large, lightly armored targets with accurate guns.  The tier 8 panther 2 recently received a higher DPM gun which should help but you rarely see these at tier 8 which means that everyone grinds through it and sells it.  The E50 is a fine tank that is a slightly dumbed down E50M. 

Recommended Equipment: Vents, Rammer, Stabilizer.

Recommended for Beginners: Maybe, the overall solid nature of this tank makes it fairly forgiving in random battles with good accuracy and good gun handling with very decent mobility.

Ranked Competitive: No, I have seen players attempt to use it on occasion but its large size and lack of gold proof armor mean that it gets penned easily from a distance where its poor cammo values allow it to get spotted early.

Would I get it again: Eventually, I only picked up this tank late because I got a skin for it.  I enjoy playing it but not as much as other tanks. 

TVP 50/51 - Czech

Summary: The premier burst damage tank in the game.  You can burst out a four round clip in 4.5 seconds ruining another player’s day, reload in a comfortable 20+ seconds and do it all again.  The gun handling, alpha, and penetration are decent enough to engage targets at range as well. It also comes with good mobility.  It has ok cammo but is a fairly boxy tank with absolutely no armor.  It is soul crushing when you are surprised by a hit from a TVP because you know three more are coming and you likely can’t do anything about it.  In the hands of good players this tank has a truly frightening ability to rack up damage. However, find yourself caught in a brawl and you will be quickly torn apart.

The Grind: The grind is one of the worst until tier 9. At tier 9 you get the Skoda T50 which is essentially the tier 10 tank with one less round in the clip.  That tank is one of my few tier 9 keepers and tier for tier better than the TVP 50/51. The tanks before tier 9 (except the tier 6) are some of the worst tech tree thanks in their tier, especially the tier 8.

Recommended Equipment: Vents/Optics, IRM, Vertical Stabilizer

Recommended for Beginners: Absolutely not, beginners may get off a single clip before dying which helps this tanks stats, but mastering the use of a burst damage tank is very difficult.  The temptation is difficult to resist to find something to put that clip into and ignore the damage that you will receive in return.

Ranked Competitive: Yes, with or without a full gold load this tank can punish opponents who get caught out with its decent accuracy and amazing burst.

Would I get it again?: Yes, you simply cannot beat the burst damage that this tank puts out.


BatChat 25t - France

Summary: Formerly the best “light” tank in the game and one of the original autoloaders.  On paper this tank is irrelevant with real light tanks in the game, the Progetto 65 as an auto-reloader, and the TVP 50/51 as the burst damage king.  This tank has poor gun depression, famously poor gun handling, long clip reload, and an intra-clip reload that means you will rarely be able to fire more than two rounds at a target.  For those reasons I avoided getting this tank for years even though I had ground up to the tier 9 from the tier 8 that splits to the light tank line.  Despite all of that when I finally got this tank, I won in it, a lot.  The cammo values and mobility are good enough to zip around pump out a couple of rounds and reposition.  You can circle death an adversary on occasion and the better than TVP alpha means those couple of rounds really hurt.  What really helped this tank was the ability to double stack the IRM and Vertical Stabilizer to tame the gun handling.

The Grind: Not easy but not terrible, the grind up to this line is a light tank line so you need to be prepared for that playstyle. 

Recommended Equipment: Vents/Optics, IRM, VStab. I have experimented with adding in an Improved Aiming Unit but I feel that you need to have an improved or bounty VStab to make this work.

Field Mod Adjustment: Pick scouting slot and drop a CVS in it for an alternate light tank config for open maps that's Optics, CVS, Vstab.

Recommended for Beginners: No way, this tank is very difficult to handle and meaningfully impact the game. If you brawl you die. You have no armor and a long clip reload and everyone knows it. Good map knowledge alongside solid reading of the battle flow are required to make use of this tank.

Ranked Competitive: Maybe, since light tanks are not really viable in the 10v10 format this tank returns to its roots and becomes essentially a light tank in the new mode.  I had some success with it either have fantastic or terrible games depending on how badly I was exposed.

Would I get it again: Maybe, even though I’m having fun in it I wouldn’t choose it over the TVP or Progetto.


OBJ 430U - Russia

Summary: The best ‘heavy’ tank in the game.  Formerly one of the most OP tech tree tanks in the game, this is still a very good tank recommended for beginners and advanced players alike.  It has the best armor of any medium tank, shockingly good cammo values, great alpha damage, and better mobility than any heavy tank.  More skilled players don’t play it as much because the poor gun handling means it isn’t really useful as a sniper. Despite that this tank is always going to be a challenge to deal with in any player’s hands because it is so well armored and hits very hard.  Elegant is not a word I would use for this tank though, it is a brute.

The Grind: Easy, the grind for the 430u has many of the better tanks tier for tier all along the way. The tier 9 OBJ 430 is a former tier 10 and it shows, it also starts with the top turret and gun so essentially its ready to play from initial purchase.

Recommended Equipment: Rammer, optics, vstab

Recommended for Beginners: Absolutely, this is the first tier 10 medium I recommend beginners pick up. The great armor means you can survive mistakes while the good cammo means you can hide well.  Most beginners aren’t sniping or at least shouldn’t be. 

Ranked Competitive: Somewhat, its armor can hold up to the gold round slinging environment of ranked but its lack of gun handling makes sniping very difficult and attempting to close with the enemy can lead to rapid death.

Would I get it again: Yes, you just can’t beat the combination of armor, speed, and firepower this tank brings to the fight.


OBJ 140 - Russia

Summary: A fantastic all-rounder, the 140 is a great tank that was buffed in 2020 making it even better. This tank has basically everything you would want in a medium tank except alpha damage.  Literally every other category of competitiveness is checked.  Its mobile, stealthy, armored, accurate, and fast firing. When its top tier, its high DPM, armor, and excellent gun handling make it devastating. In a same tier matchup, the relatively low alpha damage makes people willing to rush you and the armor lets you down just when you need it most.  I still think this tank is a precise weapon next to the brute that is the OBJ 430U and more enjoyable to play in my opinion.

The Grind: It’s a shared grind up with the 430U to the tier 9 T54. The T54, unlike the OBJ 430, has a lot of modules to research and is a painful tank to work through. Once fully upgraded it’s a fine tank but a grind I decided to skip with fragments.

Recommended Equipment: Optics, Vents, Rammer

Recommended for Beginners: Yes, this tank works for advanced or beginner players, it just has the combination of everything.

Ranked Competitive: Yes, its not the very best tank for ranked but it is fully capable of performing in any game mode.

Would I get it again: Yes, its just such a great all around tank that its very comfortable and enjoyable to play. I wish it hit harder but then it would definitely be OP.


121 - China

Summary: A slightly worse Obj 430U is probably the best way to describe this tank. It trades a bit of armor for slightly better gun handling which ends up making it weak in both categories. It can still work and is by no means a bad tank just not one I enjoy. 

The Grind: It was once pretty miserable and is now only sort of rough.  The tier 9 WZ 120 is truly a painful tank to play. Its top gun has a laughable 3 degrees of gun depression which really requires you enemies to be above you to shoot. I got so frustrated by the WZ 120 that I gave up on the grind for quite some time before deciding to finish it out with free experience. 

Recommended Equipment: IRM, Rammer, Optics

Recommended for Beginners: Maybe, it is ok in many categories so it could work but it just wont be a very satisfying tank to play.

Ranked Competitive: No, both the armor and gun handling fail you in this game mode which makes this a difficult tank to compete in.

Would I get it again: No, its kind of pointless with the OBJ430U in the game, before that tank was in the game it had a niche but not anymore. 


Centurion AX - Britain

Summary: An all-rounder that falls just a bit short of being good enough to be competitive in any one category. The gun is pretty decent, mobility is average, and the armor is ok but none of them are good enough to make this tank stand out.  In the end what you end up with is a tank that just doesn’t excel anywhere. I want to love this tank but I just can’t. Playing this tank is like playing WoT on hard mode. Every other medium just does something that this tank does better.  Your big hull and low cammo rating mean you will get spotted and hit just like in the Patton or the E50M without the advantage of the epic gun handling of either of those tanks. 

The Grind: Average, the tier 6 cromwell is a lot of fun. The tier 8 centurion is a ‘real’ tank but falls just a bit short of being competitive. The tier 9 centurion 7/1 was actually a tier 9 keeper for me as it is more competitive tier for tier than either the tier 8 or 10.

Recommended Equipment: Rammer, IRM, Vents

Recommended for Beginners: No, a beginner should not spend their time grinding this tank line to end up with a tank that will put them at a disadvantage no matter how good they are.

Ranked Competitive: No, if you play this tank in ranked the gold spammers will go right through the forehead of the turret on this tank and you will lose.

Would I get it again: Eventually, just for the fact that I like British tanks and the centurion line.


CX-63 - Poland

Summary: Some people love it, most people hate it. The most comparable tank is the Leopard which has worse armor, comparable mobility, and far better gun handling.  The CX is a bit faster than a leopard when in turbo mode but the need to stop and switch out of this mode means that a Leo will get there second but fire first, and likely hit. The armor on this tank is not good enough to be reliable and really works more as just for the occasional save.

The Grind: Terrible, the tier 9 is pretty decent, not great, but decent the tier 8 is miserable. 

Recommended Equipment: Vents, rammer, vstab.  I have also used a turbo in place of vents in the mobility spot to just double stack the mobility strengths of this tank with some success.

Recommended for Beginners: No, definitely not. This tank has more than enough speed to get you in trouble but not enough of anything else to save you once you get there.

Ranked Competitive: No, some people attempt to flank in these but it just really isn’t a good enough tank to justify using it over something else.

Would I get it again: No, just no.


K-91 - Russia

Summary: The forgotten tank. Spotting this tank in a game is like spotting a unicorn.  That so few players have it despite its length of time in the game speaks volumes. It has a non-fully traversable turret that is rear mounted with ok armor.  The front hull is pretty easily pennable and it isn’t a ridgeline capable tank so that’s what everyone will see.  This is really the most pointless medium tank in the game. It has two futures, either it gets buffed into relevancy or it gets quietly removed from the tech tree and no one notices. Playing this tank just feels so much harder than playing anything else. Your entire un-armored hull is just sticking out in front of you where you try to go screaming “shoot me!” It does have awesome shell velocity and good dpm going for it, but that’s poor comfort when you are getting punched in the nose.

The Grind: Miserable, you keep hoping the next tank is better and it just gets worse. The K91 is much better than the tier 8 or 9 but far from good enough to make it worth it.

Recommended Equipment: Vents, Rammer, Optics,

Field Mod Adjustment: At level six pick up the scouting slot and drop in a LNE dropping either Vents or Optics. That will allow you to go longer without getting spotted and wrecked as you snipe from medium to long range.

Recommended for Beginners: No, a difficult to handle hybrid tank destroyer/medium is not worth going for.

Ranked Competitive: No, I saw one in ranked once. I’m pretty sure that person was playing it as a meme, they died fairly fast.

Would I get it again: No, I got this tank to complete this review when it was on track. It is just as bad as I feared.  I play it occasionally for memes.

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Nice review. @CraBeatOffand myself have been on a mission to use Equipment 2.0 and Field mods to see if we can rehab some of these tanks, as well as the Collectors' Tanks (30B & T-62A). We have had some success with quirky setups people would find heretical. I would also quibble with your choice of equipment on some of those tanks, but my equipment choices have become weirder of late. For example, for the CAX my primary setup is turbo/rammer/VStab, secondary is vents/LNES/Vstab. I would probably not bother with optics on the 430U, though it can spot in a pinch, my biggest issue with it is accuracy so I'd favor IAU. For the Batchat, I run stacked accuracy build (bIAU, iVents, iVS) as primary and full LT build (CVS, iOptics, bLNES) as secondary to effectively make it an LT is Ranked. I have done similar setups for the Progetto 65, K-91 and AMX 30B, and they work! 

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Thanks, so I started writing this before field mods came out and didn't really adjust for that.  I will say that I have made a few adjustments since then.  For instance, on the Leo 1 I grabbed the scouting slot and put in the Low Noise Exhaust in that slot which really makes it a stealthy sniper. I dropped the Vstabs to make that happen so its iVents, LNE,  iRammer.  On my Batchat I actually have a IAU now and I dropped the IRM for Bounty Vstabs that I got.  Setup now is Vents, IAU, bounty Vstabs.  I'm torn because my win rate has dropped a bit since I did that but I think that's just me experimenting with different game play styles, I have optics with CVS and a vstab in the second config for more light tank oriented maps.  I also run a turbo on the CX-63 now in place of vents and on the K91 I've dropped in a LNE in the scouting slot you get at field mod level 6.  Some of the other tanks really dont change much with the second slot. I do currently have hardening in a survivability slot on my STB-1 to give me a bit more longevity in ranked.  I edited my comments above to add some comments to the effect of what I mentioned above.


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I think the second equipment slot is variably useful. I don’t go out of my way to use it but try to use it to complement setups I have. The other field mods though can make a pretty major difference. The lapping hears selection (option 7) on Batchat, TVP and Progetto sacrifices reload but allows a much  better burst. The improved accuracy mod (option 4) makes all your tanks more accurate and especially helps the Bat. The improved camo on option 5 is glorious. 

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Nice, I'm also an average-ish player (not sure what you consider to be average, but I'm a 54%, 57% recent which I think is about right) so always interested to see the thoughts of others around this skill level.

I'm certainly a long way from having/playing all of the tier 10 mediums so cannot compare them all, but the ones that I have and have played are: E50M, STB-1 (less than 100 games, but currently smashing out games in it), TVP, Obj 140, Obj 430U, Cent AX (although I first unlocked it and played most of the games when it was still the FV 4202), and the M48.

I have the most games in the Cent AX by a wide margin (530 games, over half when it was the FV - none of the others crack 300 games yet), and it was my first tier 10 medium. I was disappointed by the change, the FV as a tier 10 had an absolute troll autobounce hull and an okay turret but was slow. The Cent AX was faster but the hull is paper and the turret doesn't stand up to much. It's too much of an all-rounder so it feels middling in the current meta. I performed very well it in when it was the FV, so my win rate is over 56%.

The STB-1 is my current tier 10 grind. It's excellent, but quickly becoming a cursed tank for me. Comparable DPG to all the other mediums but only 48% win rate after 73 games (it has dipped as low as 40%). This makes me sad because it is fun, it has mobility, top-tier DPM, a reliable turret, gun depression, view range, penetration, only just let down by a slightly derpy gun and zero hull armour (those HE pens).

The M48 is my favourite thus far. Awesome gun handling, DPM, view range, gun depression, troll hull armour and a decent turret. Equipment and Field Mods lets you remove its biggest weakness, lack of speed. It just clicks for me, 59% win rate despite comparable DPG.

The others are all middling. The other best performer is the 430U, although when I played it recently to unlock field mods I did quite badly. The Obj 140 is still solid but I really struggled to click with it and performed poorly. I am terrible with auto-loaders so my TVP is about par for that, but I think maps and meta limit it greatly because it can feel very easy to get locked out on engagements due to the lack of armour and HP to try and trade. My E50M does well in terms of damage but poorly in terms of wins. It should be noted that with field mods, it is an absolute monster with ramming if you set it up for it, so in that manner it can play unlike any other medium tank in the game. But if you kit it like your standard box tank, it's not too bad to learn the ropes and it can play very 'standard' (hull down, side-scrape, snipe from distance).

I have the Progetto, Udes and Leo unlocked/bought and the Leo will be next to get played due to the new season of Battle Pass.

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20 hours ago, Major_Pain said:

You are not an averagish player! You are significantly above average with those stats!


Are you sure? I don't consider myself that much above average (maybe slightly) given that the statistical 'average' in this game is a complete potato. Given from your other posts that you've also unlocked the 279e (I've not even finished Chimera missions) I imagined that you would likely not be too far off my level of play?

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Claiming Stb is easier for beginers vs Udes is a mistake. 

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2 hours ago, harper1898 said:

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One of the better ones.

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5 hours ago, Ezz said:

One of the better ones.


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4 hours ago, sr360 said:


Ah, but did he have a gaming chair?

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On 3/8/2022 at 1:59 PM, Ezz said:

Ah, but did he have a gaming chair?

Presumably of the phallic variety.

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