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What should I improve upon?


I was never a fan of T10 prior to 8.6 so I was focused mostly on tier 8, now that things have changed I'm finding T10 to be more fun, and as such I have been working on getting good at T10. What do you purple poasters think I need to improve on? I have played about 45 battles in T10 since I came back from my break/trip, here are some of the replays.


I am missing battles including the 3 or 4 losses/draws I've had, they should be up sometime tonight.


If someone has the time to watch replays please provide input.



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Honestly, there is nothing anyone in this game who can teach you anymore, the only thing you can do is make less mistakes, whether it is major or minor.


There is always room for improvement, you could of always taken one less hit, you could of always aimed a second longer when a shot misses.


You spent nearly ten thousand games learning how the maps work, now is just time to smooth out the edges and make small improvements.

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Alright, the mistakes part is just experience I guess, which I assume comes with getting in another 500-1000 battles at tier ten, I just feel like I turn into a potato too much when playing tier ten. Either by making the wrong call and overextending, or by being way too passive.

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