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Suffering with the Object 140 (Rant and looking for 3mark advice)

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I "recently" marked the T-54, and decided that i could probably mark the object 140 aswell, since the 4k combo reqs for that tank seemed reasonable HOWEVER i could not have been more wrong.
Compared to the T-54, the 140 trades hull armor and mobility to gain a better turret and a better gun. None of these elements of the 140 seem to work for me tho. The cupolas are huge, the turret
gets slammed with heat and ez penned, the side armor that's supposed to be able to "sidescrape heavies" literally works like 30% of the time, sometimes you bounce, other times they just pen it somehow.
Sometimes you bounce a T110E4 shooting prem APCR at your side, sometimes an IS-7 pens you with no problem at all. I feel like this tank should have been one of the more reliable tanks, since the
mixture of stats would kind of imply that the tank will be "okay at everything", this couldn't be further away from truth.

Trying to get 4k dmg in this thing in the current meta is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. I just feel like the tank has so many issues, especially after i've been hearing for the entirety of my time playing WoT
about the "OP Russian Mediums"

I admit that there is a very high chance that the issues in me, but at this point i feel like i've tried everything and it still somehow doesn't work.
And no, i'm not a 500wn8 tomato, i avg some alright stats - 2.7-2.8k wn8, tho i have to admit after not playing much for the past few weeks i got a bit rusty.

I am looking for ANY advice at this point on how to make this tank work and finally mark it so i can sell it once i get the 907.

Thanks a lot for reading this rant guys and gals, have a nice day!

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The thing to remember about marks is that it looks at combined assist plus damage. People focus so much on the damage part that the assist part often goes unnoticed. @CraBeatOff and I have been lately marking mediums with only about half the expected marks value coming from damage, the rest coming from assist. 

"HOW?" you ask... well, my replays are linked below. In short, we use the alternate config to have a "gun build" and one for a "scout build". If you get into a game with no/few LTs, you can switch to scout build (typically optics, low noise exhaust, commander's vision), and combine that with the appropriate field mods (particularly the ones that allow you to have a scouting slot, the one that adds camo, and the one that makes your gun more accurate). The RUmeds have the advantage of excellent gun handling even without Vstab, and are prime candidates for the scout. I will grant this is less doable at tier 10 than at 9, due to the huge numbers of EBRs running around. EBRs will ruin your day.

Most recently, I 3-marked the tier 9 Obj 430 with "only" 1900 DPG. I did have 2.2k avg assist per game, and a win rate just shy of 70%. Vision wins games. If I can get 4k combined in a 9, you can do it in a 10. It does take some sense of how scouting works, though. Good light players can do silly things with mediums in scout mode...

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I've done a 140 in 80 games. 4,9K DPG/1200 assisted. I can tell you right away that your stats are on the low end for being able to do this one. If you don't feel comfortable racking up damage with a gun like this coupled with armour that only works if you know how to work it this is just not your tank at the moment. You need a good grasp on how to second line without drawing attention and how to rack up a decent amount of damage without using HP at all to do so early on. Playing a tank like this comes with it's share of problems but dealing damage is not one of them. Unless you get swarmed by 3+ tanks you can still fight your way out of it using terrain. 

Honestly tanks like this require a lot of time to get good at. I do all my marks by damage rather than assist farming as I like to play the game that way, but unlike the 907 this tank doesn't survive as long taking aggressive positions so while you can definitely average a 1500 assist on it per game without significant harm to DPG it is definitely mostly a damage tank for the mark. Don't waste your time doing spotting runs in this against lights


What I did was go to the most crowded place on the map (where all the HP is) -> find a way to siphen damage there without taking any (being very adamant about trades, 3:1 ratio in DPG/HP is okay, everything below is not)-> spam trackshots and rack up 1-2k -> rotate and push somewhere and trade even at worst to 4k -> use what's left for cleanup or redline attrition on a losing midgame -> 5k avg

This also includes being mechanically strong on this type of tank. Do you know how to angle to max the odds of a bounce from the tank about to shoot you? If it's a tier 10 it's mostly luck, but you can get by absolutely dumpstering tier 9 and 8s taking zero damage if you play it right. Full tier 10 games are where you are more passive.

Trackshot on a sideways tank into sidescrape + repeating rear trackshot is by far and away the easiest single thing to practice to rack up a lot of guaranteed damage while only worrying about arty in return. I created this situation pretty much every other game because I know when I can do so, and always try to. It's a surprisingly broken strat when your reload timer is below every non LT's repair times. If there is a single thing to work on for marks in DPM tanks - it's definitely this. 

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On 4/17/2022 at 12:56 AM, kolni said:

gobble gobble

What equip did you use? I'm running biau/rammer and trying hp or vents, but I struggle to make it enjoyable relative to playing 430U or 121B, which are relatively care free 3.5k+ sessions, but with the 140 I'm dragged down by trash 2ks in any short battle, where I struggle to force the issue like I can with the better armor profile of the other two, neither can I zoom around fast enough like a paper med. The versatility is killing me lol, it's like your timing needs to be so damn perfect because you don't have as generous of a window as you do with the 65kmh meds.

btw does the yung_xd account still exist? Where do I benchmark my peen these days :kappa:

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