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Prog 54 - VIII Heavy: 3 Kinds of Pasta per Clip

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Figured I'd ride the on-track running heavies for the nation whose greatest military accomplishment of the last hundred years was conquering 500 potato farmers with pitchforks in Albania in ww2.

I actually did the stock grind. First 20 games took some getting used to, but last 15 games have been 2.5k dpg-ish. My notes on the Tier VIII

  • Decent 220 pen standard on top gun works in tier, but poor gold pen of 242 really gimps you. You can't just gold your way into successful half-aimed shooting. 
  • Optics puts it around 460 VR with a full crew and food. Running rotation and going back and forth between slotted vents or VStab. (mostly latter)
  • Thing moves - 45km top-speed and 18hp/ton gives it great mobility - this is gimped by awful traverse
  • Bounty rotation solves the traverse problem while helping with the poor Italian gun handling - giving it a real heavium feel.
  • 9 degrees of gun depression is saucy
  • 3.5s inter-clip (Char is 4.0s) makes even getting two shots in really situational. 
  • Sidescraping doesn't really work - you've got flat hit-zones under your turret on each size that are super tender. 
  • *Standard Italian autoloader trigger control DPM disclaimer*

TLDR - With the poor gold pen you can't do much in the heavy zones besides bait a shot or poke to put 1-2 shots into an opponent. Speed gets you to early positions for first shots, but long inter-clip will kill you. Heavium gameplay with rotation kit really works for me. 

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I tried this for just a couple games on account that had it, and since I've been playing mostly Borrasque the gameplay wasn't all too unfamiliar. I didn't have the idea of trying IRM on it (seems to band-aid a decently big problem to a better extent than whatever equipment piece you dropped was worth in game in theory) so I came out at about 2500ish as well but I only did 8 games. Needless to say I'm not the player I used to be, but I didn't feel that the tank was the problem in my games as much as me making poor decisions. 

Armour is totally useless, if you know how to play tanks like AMX M4 45 and M103 combined with Char it's fairly easy to make up a gameplan for it. I know M4 is a nightmare tank to some but it's a great practice tank on dealing damage on a sluggish platform without reliable armour. Just adding that together with an italian autoloader mechanic and how you seek damage with a Char and the tank starts making a bit more sense. Took me about a minute into the first engage with it to realise how to work it the right way. 

I won't say it's good but unlike some tanks I felt comfortable just going to medium spots and siphening damage before committing my HP to secure the benchmark clip and push for more if there is more to do after that. 

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17 hours ago, kolni said:

I won't say it's good but unlike some tanks I felt comfortable just going to medium spots and siphening damage before committing my HP to secure the benchmark clip and push for more if there is more to do after that. 

100% this ^^. The mobility lets you really choose what trade you want to get into with your HP. Not great anything, but situationally solid against almost anything in some way (quick double track, depression, heavy-level of hp, etc.) and the ability to relocate means there aren't like "bad" maps for it. Just don't go head to head with tier IX/X heavies with the lack of gold pen. 

Wish it took me less than your minute to get used to. But really hitting my stride: 9 games today with over 2.9k dpg. One part of the X-factor is people don't seem to think the tank is much of a threat. And judging by expected values, it generally isn't compared to monsters like the IS3A, Skoda 56, and other killers in tier. 

If I was keeping it I'd likely use the HP booster for city maps instead of optics. Maybe try turbo to up the medium factor.

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