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Just got Deathwing in a card pack - my first legendary that didn't come from Naxx or Blackrock Mountain.

Except that Deathwing does doesn't (I'm an idiot) come from BRM. I'm surprised you can get him from a pack though.

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Just got Deathwing in a card pack - my first legendary that didn't come from Naxx or Blackrock Mountain.

Except that Deathwing does come from BRM. I'm surprised you can get him from a pack though.

yYou are thinking of Blackwing/Nefarian. Deathwing is a classic legendary. 

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Just got Deathwing in a card pack - my first legendary that didn't come from Naxx or Blackrock Mountain.

Except that Deathwing does come from BRM. I'm surprised you can get him from a pack though.

yYou are thinking of Blackwing/Nefarian. Deathwing is a classic legendary. 

You are indeed correct. Silly me.

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Now I only need to get a decent Handlock deck going. The impromptu one I have cobbled together from cards that fit has been immensely fun to play so far.
Other legendaries so far where underwhelming tho: Grommash Hellscream, Tinkmaster Overspark (dusted, that card even sucked in Tavern Brawls) and Nozdormu (keeping it. Apparently the effect is currently broken so maaaaybe Blizzard will change it in a good way?).

That said I currently think that what RBS wrote several pages earlier is true: You need most of the expansions + quite a few boosters in order to get the card base you need to git decent.

Late edit: Grommash is actually quite strong even in Patron Warrior.
Handlock is hilariously fun.

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 Tinkmaster Overspark (dusted, that card even sucked in Tavern Brawls)

But the Tinkmaster Overspark + Hemet Nesingwary combo though..... :facepalm:

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Funny thing is, I just got Hemet. And dusted him too. >.>
I even regretted dusting Tinkmaster, just because actually using that combo on someone would be totes worth all the games you lose due to Hemet.

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That said I currently think that what RBS wrote several pages earlier is true: You need most of the expansions + quite a few boosters in order to get the card base you need to git decent.

The two adventures are what you really need if you want competitive decks. The adventures extended most class's core cards beyond Basic and Classic. You can do without most of GvG and the upcoming expansion TGT as long as you have the baseline cards from Basic, Classic, and the adventures. You won't get far in any Warrior deck without Death's Bite nor will you do much playing tempo and/or aggro without Mad Scientist, for example.

Beyond that, the free classic pack per week from Tavern Brawl and the daily quest will get you 4 packs a week as a casual player. With aggressive dusting, you can build multiple competitive decks with Nax + BRM + 20-40 packs in the span of 2 months. You won't be building Control or Mid-range decks, but you will have good tempo decks (Zoo and Mage), good aggro decks (Face Hunter and Aggro Mage), and a good Combo deck (Patron Warrior).

That is more than enough to get you to legendary, but it is costly. $50 for both adventures and another $50 worth of packs (or 2 months daily grinding). Hearthstone is oddly neither F2P nor P2W...

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I'd call games like these pay4convenience, where basically you're skipping x amount of grinding & have an advantage over players who are still in the process of grinding. It's basically the same payment model as WoT, although I'd certainly say Hearthstone is really, erm, extreme. You can skip all grinding with enough money, and grinding takes an extremely long time unless you can chain arena wins all day.


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I played arena again because I hate myself.

I'm now over 20 arena runs in, and my total for mass removal stands at a lone Consecrate.

Drafted a shit Druid deck because my hero choices were Hunter/Shaman/Druid.  Nut low choices.  0 Swipe, obviously.

First opponent has double Swipe.  I recover from the first and get another board lead but I'm out of gas after the 2nd.

Second opponent wipes me with Consecrate and follows up with double Truesilvers despite a ridiculous innervate start from me.  Because why wouldn't he have multiples of the top 2 Paladin cards?

At this point I'm 0-2 and facing the bottom of the internet barrel.  I'm embarrassed just to be here.

Beat a Hunter who Arcane Shot's my face turn 1.  Lulz.


Vs a Shaman because no one told this guy that Shaman isn't viable in any format in Hearthstone.  He obviously has the Lightning Storm to remove my board, along with both Neptulon AND Hogger in back to back turns.  My "best" card is the 9/7 common.


The game feels so bad for fucking me so hard it gives me Eadric the Pure out of the consolation pack.  Wait, that's another goddamn insult.

I still get my wins when I'm allowed to pick one of Paladin/Mage/Rogue, but every game is the same: my opponents have board wipes and I don't.  In Arena, that's backbreaking.  I'm full-on tinfoil hat at this point and I'm making this post to re-read every time I think about queuing up again.

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Been having success with Control Warrior lately.  Here's the list.  I'll go over budget replacements as well.


  • Shield Slam
  • Execute
  • Slam
  • Fiery War Axe
  • Death's Bite
  • Bash

The first three are staples of the archetype.  Bash takes the place of Shield Block for a few reasons.  First is that Bash actually has an effect on the board while gaining armor.  That's actually really important in an environment that's all about tempo.  The second is...

Card Draw

  • Nothing

Acolyte of Pain beats a hasty retreat.  Card draw is actually detrimental in control on control matchups as they go to fatigue nearly every game.  The person who draws the most cards in a control match almost always loses.  In games against aggro, the limiting factor is time and not how many cards you have.  With this in mind, generally use Slam to finish off a minion in the control matchups and not draw the card from it.

Utility Minions

  • Armorsmith
  • Cruel Taskmaster
  • Ironbeak Owl
  • Big Game Hunter

Armorsmith is no longer here to do armor combos with whirlwind effects.  It's here to trigger Hunter Traps, Mage/Paladin secrets, knock off divine shields, be Brawl food, and enable Executes.  And it does those pretty well.  I wonder if Unholy Ghoul would be better than Armorsmith.

Cruel Taskmaster loses some value due to dropping Acolyte of Pain, but it's still versatile enough to include.  Use it to trigger traps/secrets, help your guys trade up, and turn a 5 power enemy minion into a 7 power one to enable BGH.  It's absolutely a back-breaker against a Leper Gnome opening.

Ironbeak Owl is a really good 1-of card that always finds a use.  Silence the Blessing of Kings minion, Tirion, Sylvannas, or Twilight Drake.  2 is too many, 0 is too few.

Big Game Hunter will be an auto-include for the foreseeable future (as long as Dr Boom is a card).

God Damn Paladins

  • 2x Brawl
  • Baron Geddon / Cruel Taskmaster #2
  • Budget options: Whirlwind or Unholy Ghoul

I generally don't like these cards on their own, but the Paladin matchup is really hard for the deck.  Learn to use Brawl in low value situations, like in response to a Dr. Boom or on a Mysterious Challenger board.  Armorsmith is great Brawl food.  The second taskmaster can be used as a replacement as Geddon often doesn't remove a whole lot.

Big Hitters

  • Sludge Belcher
  • Nexus-Champion Saraad
  • Emperor Thaurissan
  • Justicar Trueheart
  • Sylvannas
  • Sheildmaiden
  • Dr. Boom
  • Grommash Hellscream
  • Alexstraza / Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Budget replacements for the legends: Piloted Shredder, Piloted Sky Golem, Sunwalker, Master Jouster, Shieldmaiden, Gorehowl, Arcanite Reaper, Azure Drake, other high value legends

The Belchers and Grom need no explanation.

Nexus-Champion Saraad is card draw without drawing cards.  Loatheb used to occupy this slot once upon a time, but his battlecry really doesn't do anything for Control Warrior.  Saraad takes Ysera's place because he's much cheaper and you get the spell on your turn.  And actually, a random spell isn't that much worse than some of the crap Ysera spits out.

Emperor Thaurissan is basically the same card as Shieldmaiden in Control Warrior because the mana savings allow you to Armor Up a few more times than you would normally.  Sure it can enable a Sylvannas+Brawl turn or Grom+Bash, but that's more rare than what normally happens.  The only reason I play with it over Shieldmaiden is that on the off chance it lives to your next turn, it creates a lot more value than Shieldmaiden does.

Justicar Trueheart looks to be the defining card of control on control.  In every game, Justicar gives the deck an extra win condition: simply outlasting.  Mages in particular have problems dealing more than 50 damage with their entire deck.  Ditto Druids, Warlocks, and Rogues.  Paladins and Hunters have much more damage potential but are not immune to getting fatigued.  If you don't have this card, just go ham when facing a control deck and hope for the best.

Sylvannas and Dr Boom are those few cards that are good almost no matter what.  Ahead or behind on board, who cares.  There are really no replacements for these.

Alexstraza I'm on the fence about.  Justicar takes care of the self-heal part really well, and if you heal enough then the 7-15 damage she deals is meaningless in the face of fatigue.  So I'm testing out Rag in her place and haven't been disappointed yet.

Dragon Warrior vs Control Warrior

I did like the Dragon version once upon a time, but it fails pretty hard in the control matchups as you have to put multiple minions on the board to create any real pressure.  And at that point you get wiped out with their board clear.  

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On 11/6/2015, 5:34:22, rocketbrainsurgeon said:

Druid arena

I've been having a surprising amount of success with Druid lately, removal or no. Not that I get anywhere near 12 wins, but more consistently make it to 7 than I do with other classes(other than Paladin of course). Chalking this up to the ability to curve well (and occasionally ramp) into big ass taunt minions which Paladins aren't great at dealing with. Can't make it past 7 though, because that seems to be the point where you start running into multiples of Muster/Truesilver/Blessings of Fuck You, Pick Pally Next Time. Consistently decent, but not a competitor for the top spots.

Haven't really had the energy to play more than 1-2 runs per week though. I hate the fact that if I don't get Paladin I feel gimped unless I have a god-tier draft.

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Well, so long Hearthstone.  The new expansion and mechanic are spoiled, and it's more of the same RNG bullshit.  I just can't play this anymore.

The new mechanic, Discover, works a lot like Tracking.  You get a choice of 3 cards and get to pick one.  The proponents of the mechanic say that the ability to choose reduces the RNG effect, but I disagree.  Reynaud's thoughts on Unstable Portal apply to this mechanic: you don't play it for the times you get the 1/1 Charge guy, you play it for the times it gives you free wins through ridiculous dudes.  In other words, it's high-ceiling high-floor RNG which is the calling card of Hearthstone.  Very much like the Boom Bots.  They can wipe your opponent's board (or your opponent) in a best case scenario or just kill/heavily damage a random guy.

The game is clearly trying to be Blackjack or Texas HoldEm, where you have a few choices and a whole lot of randomness.  Skill can win out over time, but the swings are huge.  

A few decks in the meta are already a pile of RNG.  MidRange Hunter: T1 Webspinner, T2 Elekk, T3 Animal Companion, T4 Piloted Shredder, T5 Knife Juggler + Unleash or Ram Wrangler, T7 Dr. Boom.  Like, holy fuck that's a lot of dice rolls.

I play Control Warrior (one of the lowest RNG decks) and still have a lot of dice play through Sylvannas, Brawl, and Rag/Ysera.

I know their target demographic is Mr Potatohead who thinks he gets the worst teams for thousands of games in a row, but I'm disappointed they aren't going in at least a slightly competitive direction.  Magic Online is the worst program in existence.  I want something between all skill (chess, Starcraft) and blind-clicking-to-win (WoW).

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The lack of spells is going to be so bad for arena. TGT already has a huge gap between drafts that get removal and those that don't, and this will just make it bigger. I also don't see anything that would shake up the Paladin dominance, so I'm not expecting significant meta changes.

More of the same, with even more RNG and variance thrown in? Might be time to find a new game.

Edit: After yet another extremely meh 6-3 run I uninstalled. Acceptable result, but at no point did I feel like my skills as a player were tested. 5-0 without breaking a sweat, followed by two losses, a win through disconnect and another loss against decks that I had no chance against. It sucks because arena is such a fun mode when the stars align, but it's obvious Blizzard doesn't give a fuck about balancing it.

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My rageuninstall is weak. Came back, went 8-3 with a Fel Reaver aggro Hunter and then proved myself wrong about Druid by doing this:

+Pit Fighter, Stampeding Kodo, Starfire, Archmage, Ancient of War, Captured Jormungar

The Druid run was insanely fun. Only two one-sided games (a win and a loss), the rest having a lot of back and forth. Lost one game to fatigue and generally most games ended up with both players having less than 10 cards left. Why can't it always be this good?

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I may also have been wrong about the arena meta not changing. Removing the extra draft weight from TGT cards has made older cards more common again. Dunno if that'll change as the release more LoE cards, but even the crappy 2-3 Warlock I had this morning felt less like bullshit than most TGT runs.

It sure is refreshing not to see Murloc Knights and Kvaldir Raiders in every single game.

Edit: Another 12 wins. Consider I got only one 12-run in the whole of TGT, two in two days has me feeling good about arena again.

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I got out fatigued by some Paladin who stole my hero power right after I dropped Justicar as Warrior. That was pretty interesting. I would have won 100% without that too. 

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Arena is weird sometimes. Played against a druid with a Wild Growth into Astral Communion opening, followed by a warlock who beat the crap out of me with Blood Imp+Anima Golem with Onyxia as a finisher.

Also this just happened:
+Stampeding Kodo, Recycle, Starfire, Argent Commander, Ancient of Lore, Jormungar, Cenarius, Kraken

Either the arena has gotten softer with the new expansion or I've unknowingly entered full beast mode. Admittedly I've gotten some decent drafts, but no matter the deck I had nowhere near this level of success in TGT.

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