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Supertest applications now available for EU server

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Application involves submitting a replay.

Upon advancing the screen, you will be asked to report on the following:

Your opinion on the map.

Your opinion on the tank.

Your opinion on general game balance.

Knowing this forum, nobody is getting through based on those questions alone lel



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the 50% winratio thing is the main problem, hehe

i understand why they do it, but having a group of +57% players also test it, in a smaller, more basic format, would greatly improve the results

Stuff like chieftain is for joe avg not better as a T110E5 or IS7, because they will push, stay too far back, or in front, wont hull down, or go hull down at the wrong place, making it ``balanced``, put a good player in it and well...

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I'm really surprised that WG had finally focused on European community. Perhaps you'll be all treated even better than we've been for twelve years.

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I am supertest i have the power of test :party:

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