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can we make a class-specific ban list?

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If you're grinding a particular class, what are the best ban options?

I appreciate in the post-vbaddict era there will be a degree of subjectivity to this, but what are the opinions?  

For LT, I'll ban:
- Empire's Border
- Berlin

For HT:
- Fisherman's bay
- Overlord

- Fjords
- Safe Haven

-  Pearl River
- Berlin

There's probably more subtlety to this than class, v4 vs Grille 15 could have different considerations... but do rules of thumb exist or is it entirely subjective? 

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On 7/26/2022 at 4:30 AM, kolni said:

It’d be pointless

Airfield and Abbey is perma ban worthy in any tank anyway

I think a class banlist in conjunction with the two we already have is the best way to go, ideally WG should just give more map bans but there are some maps I want to play sometimes like Berlin/Ghost Town/Arctic Region

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I'm inclined to agree that trying to change out your map bans based on the class of tank you're playing is likely to be more effort than it's worth, particularly given there are so many maps that are bad generally for entire classes or for all but a handful of vehicles in the class. On that particular note, I would say if you're the type that you're spamming games in a particular tank (e.g. for grind or marks or whatever) then probably banning maps specifically bad for that tank is probably a better bet. For example, Pearl River is okay for assault and/or mobile TDs that can contest the heavy brawl or the middle, whereas a paper TD might struggle on Ensk or Himmels. So I think personal preference and the tank you're playing is going to be the guiding light.

For me personally, I just hate two maps so much irrespective of what class I'm playing that I ban them permanently - Mountain Pass and Erlenberg.

While I think everyone would like more map bans, realistically WG can't do that because the map pool is really too small already, especially after they had to 'retire' Kharkov and Minsk this year. There's only 36 total, and if we assume most people use their available bans, that pool of potential maps starts to shrink quickly which has flow-on effects for the MM and trying to get 30 players into games on maps available to everyone without the rotation becoming super repetitive.

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Class specific would be nice, but too complex for average noobs i guess, so untill them Im just permabanning Empires border and sand river** and if we ever get a 3e slot, its 100% that shitty snow map with sunken ships.

** Sand River was garbage when it was added as Sandy River, or whatever it was named, they reworked it 2x (or 3x?) and its still shit, best arty map of the game makes it worst map for anything else...

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