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My account was hacked recently and this is what WG support said

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My account was hacked and the person that did it used almost 11,000 Gold from my account. I didnt catch on to him until he tried to change the password 1 month after he had gained access to my account and now wargaming will not return my account to where i left it off.  Ive spent so much money on this game and one F*kr can just ruin it like that. I had more than 50 plays on the WT auf E100 and he used them all. Sold most of my tanks and left it with almost no credits. even my 170,000 free experiance is down to now 12.500. Its shambolic.



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That sucks and I'm sorry you're account got fucked up.  That's why I have two factor authentication on my account.  It doesn't perfectly secure things, but it does increase the security level.

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