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Artillerymen, Stalin has given us the order! Artillerymen, the Union calls us forth!

Comrade tankers,

In response to the sudden influx of fascist and capitalist artillery, the great and everlasting Party has issued an increased ration production policy for all S-51 and SU-14 Soviet artillery models. Normally used to shatter enemy infantry rushes, examples of which include the heroic defence of the iron gates of Moscow, artillery have now been found to be obscenely effective against armoured vehicles at any range.

Our study revolves around the S-51/203, the mobile heavy weapons platform of the USSR, carrying a massive 203mm cannon to flatten any fortification or tank that dares stall the advance of the Red Army. The brutal destruction of this redoubtable weapon is only offset by a relatively long reload period, but when it fires, the 203mm shell wrecks anything unfortunate enough to be caught in its fiery blast. With improved premium HE shells supplied by the workers' Gold Shell Revolution, the S-51/203 can mitigate even the seemingly random accuracy found on any artillery platform in existence. Furthermore, its shells are so heavy that they defy the laws of gravity and fall so quickly that they are still able to hit any moving target with little effort; this scientific phenomenon remains unsolved to this day, though tank developers in Belarus may have a lead in this ongoing investigation. The S-51/203 has been so effective at utterly stomping even the enemy's elite forces and rubbing humiliation in their faces that tank crews on both sides have been known to give the S-51/203 endearing nicknames such as the Unicorn of Marx, Lenin's Middle Finger, and Stalin's Big [censored].

Wow hot:


Advances in the field of artillery have also been of interest for the Soviet Space Program. XVM services provided by Russian satellites are among the most valuable tools of any artillerist. Slaying any fascist-capitalist unicorns on the battlefield will doubtlessly leave the remaining pubbies to run around in circles like bloody headless chickens. It is an acknowledged fact that Wittmann's Tiger tank was destroyed by a S-51/203 stationed in Minsk, which sat idling in a bush for 8 straight days before it fired a single shell into low orbit. 11 seconds and two revolutions around the Earth later, the shell landed perfectly on Wittmann's turret. Most sources agree that the shell penetrated completely and the tank was immediately ended via ammo rack, but some claim that the shell did not go through, instead exploding on the outside and causing minor splash damage. However, the tank's engine still managed to miraculously catch on fire and the ammo rack blew up anyways. Such devastating potential has increased Party funding into the Sputnik Program as well as initiating the Soyuz Program, with future plans for the Luna Program. We have the highest hopes that the Russian Republics will soon be able to achieve complete domination in orbital weaponry.


Even before such dreams are realized, the S-51/203 is already a very unique ground-based weapon. The Soviet T-34 main battle tank is indeed efficient in production and operation, and it is known that such machines are so simple to drive that any conscript rifleman pulled off of the battlefield can do it. Unfortunately, the gun itself must be operated by a trained tank commander. Not so with the S-51! In fact, the opposite is true. The Voroshilov hull is difficult to drive, and it takes much straineous effort to engage the engine. It is tiring labour enough to bring the S-51 into the nearest bush. However, once deployed, manning the gun is child's play. The brilliantly designed interface offers a clearer view of the battlefield than that of an Ilyushin-2 ground attack plane. Aiming is unnecessary due to the unstoppable power of the 203mm shells; simply lobbing one in the general direction of the enemy will suffice. A conscript could aim the gun with one hand while drinking a bottle of vodka out of the other; truly, the S-51 is one of the only vehicles that can be operated in such a manner! As such, there has never been a training program for the S-51 and other artillery models. The guns are brought straight to the frontlines and are put to use by a few brave but wounded comrades from the infantry corps. If only artillery were as easy to mass-produce as T-34s, the final victory would be ours within a week!


The power of standard 203mm HE shells is already felt by all our foes, but a Soviet Space Program-funded study has been done to fully measure the sustainability of premium HE shells in an effort to maximize firepower from our artillery. S-51/203 No. 811 was ordered to carry out the study, and as always we will provide full access to recordings of our success, as well as post-battle statistics for our many number-crunching comrades.

Full Replays of glorious S-51 in action:


End-of-battle screenshots:


And now we proceed to the study.

The conditions of the experiment are thus:
>21 battles of Solo Pub - where we sit back, relax, one-shot unicorns, then proceed to lose.
>S-51/203 is armed with 11 premium HE shells and 1 AP shell.
>Premium shells were all rationed beforehand at half-price, but calculations at full price are included.
>Battles 1-15 were done during the 50% bonus event. Battle 21 was (accidentally) done with a Premium Economics Policy. All calculations for all Policies are shown regardless.

The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart:


Previous records for the S-51 are included here:


There is no need to speak of silly things as stats; like Russian Roulette (but with 203mm shells), it is all luck. However, in terms of economics, we see that it is actually possible to use ALL PREMIUM HE SHELLS AND NOT LOSE RATIONS if we purchase our shells at half-rations and then proceed to gain a Premium Economics Policy, or fight during a Party-sponsored event. Oh, Artillery Commissar Garbad would be so proud! However, if we purchase shells at full price, no matter the generosity of the Premium Economics Policy, we would incur an extremely capitalistic loss. Therefore, during the next half-ration event, we must all stockpile thousands of premium HE shells and slay all the fascist unicorns!!!


AP was never actually used for its niche purpose of TD-ing, so it is not recommended to load AP.

However, masters of Russian Roulette may try using AP at long range for either total waste or total RAGE.

Below are the overall S-51 records upon the conclusion of the experiment:


One very rare artillery teamdrag is noted - battle trial No. 3:






Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study:

As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study:

And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study:

In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study:

Plus the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study:

Including the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study:

Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study:

Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!

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And in 8.6, the people's unicorn the S-51's majestic 1850 alpha will face tiers 5-9, where only a few upgraded heavies and the Tortoise can withstand an average damage penetrating hit. 

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We like how we can literally copy-paste the threads without losing the formatting. These forums are really fast too. Well... fast until the database becomes flooded with gudpoasts.

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We like how we can literally copy-paste the threads without losing the formatting. These forums are really fast too. Well... fast until the database becomes flooded with gudpoasts.

Yes,I had much trouble on the official forums having to manually space,bold,italic and add in all the pictures etc.

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