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人不犯我, 我不犯人

Comrade tankers,

We have recently received a most glorious report from our friends in the People's Republic of China. As is known, shortly upon the signing of the Sino-Soviet Friendship Pact, the USSR sent eighty-one shipments containing various models of our finest T-34 medium tanks to aid our Chinese comrades and all of Zhonghua Minzu in their most perilous time as they repel the invasion of foreign imperialists. Now, the legend of the Red Army, the most reliable and most ingenious tank ever fielded under the ninefold heavens, has made its debut on the Pacific Front, flourished with stunning stories of success from our allies and very warm welcome messages from our enemies.


The focus of the report is the T-34/57 - the specialized tank destroyer variation of the T-34. As a unique, distinguishing feature, the Chinese T-34's have been re-designated as the Type T-34. Unlike puny imperialist tanks, the Type T-34 maintains a full armour layout identical to the standard T-34/76: 45mm of world-renowned Soviet sloped armour - maintaining the protection of the ninefold earth and capable of bouncing all but the most stubborn of shells. Its 57mm anti-tank cannon is able to unload enormous volumes of shells to strike multiple targets in lightning succession - such as in a critical defense scenario - or to pummel a single target with the wrath of a thousand fists of fury. The nightmare of any heavy tank is to be permatracked around a corner by a vengeful Type T-34 with a factory worker loading the gun! Generously laden with premium APCR shells, the Type T-34 can slice through any armour as if it were made of dried tofu. Furthermore, all tankers know that its strong ground traction allows the T-34 to move through any terrain that fascist panzers could not, and once again Soviet engineering proves its value as Type T-34's effortlessly traverse through mud and mountains alike to strike at unprotected positions. New mass-production techniques gained from the Sino-Soviet Friendship Pact also allows the Republics to assemble and export these tanks even faster and recuperate any losses without pause. No hesitation is permitted as a new Great Wall of flesh, blood, and steel drives the imperialists back to the sea!


The Type T-34's main strength, aside from its irresistible numbers, is its unparalleled versatility. It is adequate in all fields of moving, sniping, and brawling. Skilled tankers well versed in the Art of War can unleash the Type T-34's full potential and adjust the tank to any situation. Tailor one's tactics to suit the demands of the battle; know the enemy and know yourself.

Type T-34 is very capable of reaching strategic locations in a timely manner, but how sooner can we arrive before the heavy forces, and how later do we arrive after the reconnaissance? Understand which tanks can we overpower in open combat, for the weak certainly cannot equal the strong, nor the few the many. Understand when to retreat, and dare the enemy to fight upon your own terms.

No gun can move mountains, but the enemy himself may stray from his own protection. When the opportunity arises, unleash our potential like the triggering of a drawn crossbow; keep on the move and exploit vulnerabilities, for a successful strategy is never a static one. If our comrades could endure, on foot, the Long March of twenty thousand li, how can we lack them?

Avoid besieging fortifications, but engage isolated groups. Avoid concentrated formations, yet attack a place of value; for, when the army is in the field, their cities are empty. When the enemy returns in trickles, tired and bedraggled, bring him a swift and ruinous defeat! The reason troops slay the enemy is because they are enraged; thus, let the will of the people flow through us as we unleash our righteous anger and give battle to our hapless foes!

As Chairman Meow so wisely put it:


which roughly translates to:

враг прогресса, мы отступление,
враг лагеря, мы беспокоить,
враг шины, мы атакуем,
враг отступает, мы преследуем!

which roughly translates to:

enemy of progress, we retreat,
the enemy camps, we harass,
the enemy tires, we attack,
the enemy retreats, we pursue.

which clearly translates to:

When the enemy advances, we retreat!
When the enemy camps, we harass!
When the enemy avoids battle, we attack!
When the enemy retreats, we pursue!

Also included within the report is documentation on an economics study conducted to evaluate the price of arming Type T-34's with APCR shells. Type T-34 No. 811 was commissioned for the experiment, and returned with outstanding results - a true testimonial to the efficiency of combined Russian and Chinese industrialism! As per standard, we have asked and received permission to release these full-length replays and after-battle results to ensure the legitimacy of this investigation.

Full Replays of glorious Type T-34 in action:

End-of-battle screenshots:

And now we proceed to the study.

Firstly, here are the previous Type T-34 records. They include gold shells used and a mix of solo and platooned battles.


The conditions of the experiment are thus:
>30 battles of Solo Pub - Type T-34 takes a stand against the pubbie banzai rushes.
>Type T-34 is armed with 60 AP and 40 APCR shells.
>APCR shells were purchased at full price (2000), though they are recorded as being purchased at 1000 silver rations for the purposes of studying economics at half price. Full price conclusions are also noted.

The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart:


We see that our victory ratio settles at a solid 60%, though still a long way from the holy 100% winrate. There are no suitable records of T-34 performance without APCR, so direct observations cannot be made. It is noted that without horde bonuses our victory ratio has dropped considerably from previous averages, emphasizing the significance of tank platoons - strike with the most solid at the most empty.

However, Type T-34 made it through the ordeal successfully and with sanity intact (the carrying is really similar to the backbreaking pain of planting rice paddies). It is found that 57mm APCR is possible to sustain under any condition. With either a Standard or Premium Economics Policy, and regardless of half-price rationing or not, a Type T-34 is able to avoid ration loss when firing 7.30 APCR shells and dealing about 1,000 points of damage to the imperialists upon every encounter. A Premium Economics Policy would even allow a steady increase of silver ration tickets. Now it is possible to release all the Type T-34's and watch the enemy scatter like the roaches they are!


Below are the overall Type T-34 records upon the conclusion of the study:


One exceptional teamdragging effort was noted - battle trial No. 3:






Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study:

As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study:

And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study:

In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study:

Plus the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study:

Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study:

Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study:

Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!

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I hope I don't get flamed for pulling up such an old post, however since this one went uncommented on, I've gotta give you props for it.


As I start my path up the Chinese line, this was all that Google for site:wotlabs.net came back with.  The economics study is helpful as I start playing the tank, and just being raged at in game for shooting APCR (I got my Ace Tanker, so it was worth it, even if they weren't necessary), glad to see it's economically viable.  The additional studies should make for helpful reading as well.

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It took some time to adapt to this thing but once I did I found I was pretty effective with it. It is just quick enough to do lots of flanking and maneuvering to be a PIA to the enemy. You pretty much have to move around a lot since it completely lacks depression but the fast firing gun can make you forget that quickly.


I don't remember how often I shot gold but usually mostly at higher tiered targets that I was unable to flank.


The Type T-34 is a lot more fun to drive than that tank that follows it for me. The Type 58 is a grind.

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The Type T-34 is a lot more fun to drive than that tank that follows it for me. The Type 58 is a grind.


I also loved the Type T-34 (67.39% WR) and hated the Type 58 at first. Now I love the Type 58 just the same, the trick for me was to completely stop aiming, always snapshot. The millisecond you're reloaded sling a shell vaguely in the direction of an enemy and let the insane dpm do its job. I average 1000dpg in it since I started playing like that.

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I also loved the Type T-34 (67.39% WR) and hated the Type 58 at first. Now I love the Type 58 just the same, the trick for me was to completely stop aiming, always snapshot. The millisecond you're reloaded sling a shell vaguely in the direction of an enemy and let the insane dpm do its job. I average 1000dpg in it since I started playing like that.


Interesting. I'll give it a try. That gun seems to bounce a lot for me as well but I suppose that could also be mitigated by snap-shotting a lot.

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