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Have I had my Concorde moment?

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Back in the dark ages of WoT I once got 10 kills & 2,484 XP admittedly that was in the VK3601 which used to be a little OP but in my defense I was in a tier 8 match up.

Since then the nearest I have come is 9 kills in my E-75 but as far as I remember the XP I earned was less than 2k maybe this was because I was munching on Tier 6's I am not sure.

I feel I am improving as a player I have even managed to get my E-100 win rate up from 42% to 48% in recent months so I believe I am learning but however I try I cannot beat my all time XP record.

I am not sure if I need to be a little more selfish & become a lesser team player maybe I need to stop backing up my team.


Should I forget supporting an isolated player?

Should I forget to shore up an open flank where I myself may get isolated & raped by multiple enemies because the lemming train went off in another direction.

Should I head to my favorite sniping spot & lay out lots of damage & type S.T.F.U when chat gets hot & tells me to move!

Should I camp in some bushes instead of leading the charge in my E5 knowing the enemy will come but we will lose.

Should I forget to look at my mini map or ignore how the battle is developing.

Should I never cross half the map & support my arty as a light tank breaks through our lines.


No I will not I will continue to support my team in the best way I see fit even though some plonker will say you dead I am alive you NooB after I have defended a corner against insurmountable odds & pointed out he should have helped instead of camping in base.

Sometimes I love this game sometimes I hate it but I keep coming back as you never know what will happen & I will keep hoping for that perfect game when everything goes right & I will eventually beat my all time top score.


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Just play one of the dedicated light tanks loaded out with premium shells , do a bit of scouting at the start , then just start parking behind heavies and unloading in their ass , 13-75 would prob be the best at that i think , simplest way to get crazy exp 

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High xp games past maybe 2k or 2500 are infrequent enough that they shouldn't. Be a goal. You'll just get frustrated, because they require a certain team matchup - bad but not too bad, enemy not too good.

It probably took me a year to get my second 2400 xp battle - although I am the king of good but not great gaming.

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