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60 day PURPLE! w00t w00t

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My wife just looked at me like I was a lunatic. Checked my stats on WoTLabs and saw I'd hit 60 day blue. Queue shouts of excitement while my wife rolls her eyes and tells me I'm a nerd.


Mad props and epic thanks to all of you on here for the threads, guides, advice, etc. Also thanks to everyone better than me that has platooned with me and slapped me around a few times when I do stupid shit.


Stupid excited right now. And my 30 day is over 1700. My next goal is to see if I can improve enough to hit 60 day purple BEFORE 30 days has elapsed.




60day purple now!!

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mywotstats just updated. 60 day purple win rate and WN7. Achieved 14 days after hitting 60 day blue, even with the shitty ass AT2 mission that slaughtered my daily stats for Sunday down to the 1400s.


Super excited!!! Can't wait to get some overall blue WN7 and purple winrate showing up in XVM so I can be primaried by arty even MORE!!! lulz.

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