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[EU] UTC+1 Looks for a weekend toony!

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As it seems my friend i toon with normally is somewhat bored of wot lately. As i dont want to Run After him im looking for 1-2 toon mates for the weekend. Im from Germany so Germans and english speaking dudes are preferred. Ts3 available. Ratingwise im looking for some people between 1700-2200 wn7 to match me or maybe i can learn from. Tanks: foch50 ( want to Grind the 155 this weekend), 3002m, leotard 1 and proto, jpe100, e50m, m46, m48, t32, t54e1, 50-120, batty, some more, mainly playing t9 and t8. Start would be friday 2230. pm me on wotlabs or ingame. Expect some Heavy trolling/heavy flaming.

Regards, crytis.

Edit: warning: im able to potato like a drunk 6yo sometimes.

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