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So what is your "tank waifu"? (AKA favorite tanks throughout tanking career)

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Early phase:

Pz 38(t) -> Hetzer -> StuG III G


Scouting phase:

VK 28.01 (post HEAT nerf, pre speed buff) -> M5A1 Stuart -> 59-16 -> Aufklarungspanzer Panther


Multi-Nation phase (Current day):

FV304 (Yes, I know, I deserve to die for this) -> T-46 -> Chi-Nu

Still love my scouts though, every single one of them. Love em' to bits.

I don't have the 59-16, T-46 and Chi-Nu any more, though I do plan to revisit the 59-16. 

Don't you like the WZ-131/132? I think they're far more capable than the 59-16


Used to be the T69 until they nerfed the shit out of HEAT and reduced the pen to 250.

Yeah, but atleast you don't have to deal with 3.4s aim time and .46 acc.

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I must say the t54e1. The clip on it is just soo gud

Before that it was the 416 (that gun tho)

m46 patton (first time in a real med)

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My first love was the m4 with the m1a1 ( this was before the HE shell rework who knows how long ago)... As at the time HE shells were less effective than they are now. So the m1a1 was a valid option and wether you went derp or not was a matter of preference..plus it had a really good RoF compaired to other tanks of the teir... ( I got fairly good at killing KVs) then that led me to my true love, the jumbo Sherman oh such a wonderful tank... I loved eating t-34-85 alive with my rapid fire m1a2 and it's. great frontal armor. And at that time the jumbo and the easy 8 made money that rivaled most teir 5s before the economy rework... Then a day that I will never forget . My beloved E2 was mugged by the nerf bat... It lost a lot of armor in its turret. And I think a slight nerf to its maneuverability.. Poor girl was never the same, none the less, it's still the tank I play the most consistently. Honorable mentions go to Pz.4 Tiger P ARL44 T-46 and Pershing

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Almost forgot the tier 9 is4.


Still most unfair tank I had ever played.


Tier 7 panther v is4 lul

No sprem



Man do i remember that, before XVM,and being half decent at WoT, i would look at how many IS4's each team had... the one with the most was the one i predicted would win. I got the IS4 ONE month before they uptiered it, it was god mode.

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Panther = one of the best tanks I've ever had the pleasure of playing.... yet =D, its just so fun to have decent mobility and a gun that goes pew pew pew, and ramming tier 5's is also a bonus  :thumbup:

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LOL! I knew I couldn't be the only person who said that!


I've begun to cheat on my T-34-3.

I sill love her, and I do not constantly wish for buff anymore when I play her.


That BROAD hull, PANTHER chassis, SMEXY tracks, his REAR, and that BEEFY 105mm! Mmmmm... @3@


Don't tell my Waifu about my Hubby... :c


Hehe, RansomMoney hates his JP. I have no idea why.


Also, screw SU-101. I have found my new Soviet td waifu. SU-122-54... Holy crap. You can just drive by stuff, whack them for 440, and round a corner before they can even turn around to shoot back... It really wasn't as funny with the 101 and that 320 alpha gun, even though the 101 is better at it, being quite a bit faster.

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I have enjoyed many tanks, and then been shocked to discover that I never wanted to play it again after eliting it.  


If you look at my top played tanks, the reason they have got so many games are:

  1. Credits
  2. Credits
  3. Strong tier 6 tank for platoons
  5. Credits
  6. Credits
  7. FUN
  8. took that many battles to elite it
  9. still not elite
  10. FUN

Slot #10 was the T-50.  It was the first tank that I played after it was elite, just because it was a rush to do so.  

pre-physics T-50 was my first love.

Oh yes!  I did not sell it until the nerf that accompanied the removal of the T-50-2.


Slot #4 is the T-34 Russian Medium.  I know it is seal clubbing/stat padding, but I can't get enough of it.  Since I'm spamming games with it anyways, I use it to train commanders, and have gotten 4 commanders to 100% first skill (three of them started with some amount of first skill).  

It is basically the perfect tank.

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Tetrarch-Silly good camo, gun, and speed. This is the tier 2 equivalent of a Hellcat. The view range sucks but slapping on some binos will let you stand off and club seals while staying invisible.


M10 Wolverine- Good camo, -10 gun depression, decent mobility, absolutely epic dpm and view range for it's tier. This is a murder machine on open maps. It also has an improved 105mm (better ROF and soft stats) compared to the Sherman's for HEAT lols. I run the 76mm most days.


Crusader- LT camo, good mobility, and vicious DPM. By far my best winrate of tanks with more than 300 battles. This thing can play vision games at range (with a camo crew) or zip around a flank and rain death. At long range, the high ROF let's you get 2 shells in the air before someone spots you.


T-34-85- Bouncy turret, great mobility, great alpha, and Russian super camo. The 85mm is excellent esp the alpha but I still miss my 1D10T 100mm boomstick. One of the few tanks in tier 6 that can challenge the Hellcat and KV-1S and not receive a Deliverance level ass pounding.


T29-Impenetrable turret. Good gun depression and view range. Decent mobility and gun. Lower hull is tough against same and lower tier guns. Hide the hull and win. 90mm+APCR is an alternative for rich folks. Beastly tank. Could easily be a legit tier 8 with a small buff.


T20-Tier 7 Hellcat. Same gun, better camo and mobility than the T25/2 in exchange for a minutely weaker turret. I've only had it for 100 battles but it's a keeper. Stationary camo values are near LT levels while the APCR pen makes you a threat to any tank you will face. View range and gun depression are very good.

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I've got a lot of old reliables like the Sherman and Jumbo, and I've had flings with some other tanks, but I suppose my go-to standby is my M6. It was the first tank I played where I figured I had a chance against absolutely any tank it saw.

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Having played since early beta, it is amazing/insane how much some tanks have changed.  Having said that, my most favorite tank EVER was the T23, hands down the most fun tank I ever drove.  Insane soft stats that make the T62a jealous.


They should merge the M26 Pershing and the M46 Patton into one tier IX tank called the M26 pershing and bring the T23 back as the American tier VIII medium.

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First tier 10 was the FV4202....finicky girl! Lots of personality, but she was a bit awkward and I was a bit new... Sometimes things would be amazing, but we didn't knew how to deal with hardships and 30% matches. Things were not going fast enough for me.

Then, somehow, I attracted an STB. Fast, sexy, exotic from the far east. A monster when she is in good mood, but cold as ice otherwise. Also a gold digger! Took all my free exp to get her, but she still says:" oh honey, u can't afford premium everything, food in each match and BIA? Oh, you don't have homeboys with you platooning to protect you from tier 8s? I guess this match you are not penetrating anything..."

My confidence was so low I tried the fast, cheap women. T29s and Hellkittys made me feel good for a while, but I knew it was artificial, for they made everyone feel that way.

Then I meet the T54. She is not a tier X, but don't tell her that, she will get mad and throw heat at you. She is someone you can count on: when you feel that it is you against 29 tomatoes, she takes your hand and makes you feel like a real man. When otherwise you would feel small in a room of tied 10s, she laughts at that and gives me confidence to swing with the best of them. Take her out to the right places, and she bounces 4/5 WT shoots, and she never gets penned by no 183. Her personality is much more complex than the rest, yet I feel I am the only one that can see it. She makes you want to get better, yet rewards you constantly. THAT is a tank I can marry.

Lately getting msgs on my phone from a foreign batchat, who, in a sexy accent, tells me I could have a lot of fun if only o had a few million silver more, for she can do things with her autoloader nobody else can...

I am a bad bad tanker.

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pz 3/4 I didn't know how bad she was in bed until much later but it doesn't matter I will always lover her.

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ELC - Vroom vroom pew pew.

Luchs - Best hull traverse in the game, also more pew pew pew.

59-16 - Dat auto loader.

WZ-120 - Good mobility with a large boom stick.

Bat chat - Big scout with a punch.

Leo 1 - Rail gun on a mobile platform.

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Right now my Waifu tanks are:


Type 62: Loved it since it was a tier 6 still love it as a tier 7

Type 64: 72 KPH of fun, best tier 6 LT in the game

E50M:  Should of gotten this tank LONG ago.  Love it!

Cromwell: Loved this tank since the moment I drove it, still do

A-43: Again loved this tank from minute 1, sold it, re bought it.

M7MT: Sold it, came back to it, been kicking ass with it.

PzIII/IV: I swear this tank got a reload buff, but anyways been enjoying it immensly.


That's all I got so far.  Though one tank that's growing on me: Cent 7/1.  Been racking up a lot of 2k+ dmg games in it. Yeah my DPG is lower than that, but I am doing it more often than not.

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Derp KV -> Derp KV-2... sure, she could go on weight watchers, but who here doesn't? She has large... tracts of land.

183 is strictly the play4fun mistress. I don't care how we perform I just want to ram a shell into some other unsuspecting tank where the sun don't shine. She seems to enjoy it as well.

But the woman who is there to cook for me and make me feel good every night by getting me my favorite beer... is currently the E100. She is ole reliable... but if she hears me call her that she will break down and burn me in a transmission fire.

I have had many women in the past, M2LT, but she turned out to be a bit too quick and free spirited to settle down with.

T46 and I have got on well over time. Unfortunately she has faded in her glory with the other loves of my life. I still have a special place for her. She is a bit over her head, non refined, and in the social circles I frequent, she just can not hold her own in a conversation, especially against the elite KV-1's out there.

Lorraine is a party girl. She and I like to go out, meet other tanks, have some group fun. The problem with Lorraine is she likes to go down quicker than a Thai hooker. I am willing to have more fun, but down she goes, taking it and then she passes out while I am left wondering what to do for the rest of the evening.

Oh Type 59, what a pair we were. So carefree, so relaxed and willing to mix it up. We had great times together. But then you changed. You slowed down. You were not as brazen and dominant in the arena of play. I understand, you got sick. I was there for you. I still took you out to enjoy the sights when you could do it. But now I know. You are a shadow of your former self. Too proud to present your current body and be compared to the visage of old. You don't want people to know. I respect that. I will always hold on to you, but I will very carefully coax you outside to see the sun once more. Don't worry, I won't put you out in harms way, I will treat you like a respected ole gal you are.


A year can change a lot for the fickle minded people of the world.  But not me.


I have many ladies in my life.  To narrow it down to a single waifu would be difficult.  It would be unfair to the others who demand my attention.


The grand dame herself, the KV-2 still goes out to social engagements with me nightly.  She might be slow on her feet.  She might be difficult to twirl around the dance floor, but once she makes her move, everyone is in awe with her flair.


They say my 183 is not as powerful a woman as she used to be.  But she still commands attention.  Regardless of those comments, when she enters the room, everyone stops to stare.  How will she act?  Will she set her steely gaze at somebody to put them in their place?  Is it all just childish banter and she is not packing heat (hesh) at the moment?  It is always exciting being with her.  The dominatrix will do what she wills and I am along for the ride.


But some things never change.  E100 and I were made for each other.  This relationship is the longest I have had with such a high tier gal.  She is a 10 in my books.  My first 10.  I have had others, as I mentioned, my 183 is one.  But E100 outlasted other flash in the pan choices.  IS7, IS4, T62A, 268, JPE... all short flings.  261 and GWE were too sadistic for me.  But E100 shines on.


But I do have to admit, another lady, who I have had a loose association with in the past, is becoming more of a commitment.  She has a horrible reputation.  But with the proper application of makeup (loadout) she comes into her own.  She has a lightning fast tongue, willing to heckle anyone who dares comment about her looks.  She dresses up in steampunk garb with rivets throughout her bodice.  And she is a bit insane.  She suffers from multiple personality disorder (although I have yet to meet her other self).  She keeps hinting that Grant is trying to make my acquaintance.  But so far I only met Leigh.

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Slot #10 was the T-50.  It was the first tank that I played after it was elite, just because it was a rush to do so.  

Oh yes!  I did not sell it until the nerf that accompanied the removal of the T-50-2.




twas a sad day when i came back from my extended break from the game [from 8.0 through 8.10] and found that fatass mt-25 in my garage. 


my new love since coming back is the wz-132. my last 1k battles have almost exclusively been played in it.

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T29.  Love it.  Got like 300 more games in it than anything else, and it's still got its original crew.  Didn't want to hurt the T29 so I started a new crew for the T32 (who are now also on their 3rd skill and hanging out in my E5).

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M48 is my baby. I suck at it, always have to varying degrees, but love her to pieces.

T71 is my mistress and would make babies with her all day every day.

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Tiger II


More carries in that than any of my other tanks, except the Hellcat. 




I have no idea why it works, but it works.  Oh, and 1000 HP engine/60 tons of ramming power.

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Beta Panther was my waifu. At least as long as nobody could hit for shit beyond 100m because of warping. Was quite fun to rush around like an idiot in the open and not get killed immediatly.


Would also propose to my E50, still the tank I have the most battles on. But I doubt it would accept if it knew I cheated on it with other meds since we last saw each other 6 months ago. :<

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