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[0.8.8] Multilined TankCarousel (locastans mod for 8.8)

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From EU Forums. I could not fins this here so copied & pasted from original thread 

Multilined TankCarousel for 0.8.8 by 4lCapwn and CS2001

since locastan decided against continuing his great tank carousel mod, but gave us the neccessary information on how he did it in 0.8.7 i was able to rebuild it (at least it is very similar).
nothing much to say, this is how it looks:


thanks to CS2001 you can customise the amount of rows and the ratio of rescaling yourself.

configuration is set up in res_mods\0.8.8\gui\flash\TankCarousel.cfg, the screenshot you see above was made with the following config:

- The amount of rows (d'uh! - default is 2 rows)
- The size of the images, 1 is the default value that wargaming uses. First version used 0.5. So you should probably select something around 0.75-1.
- You can increase (or decrease) the size of the fonts here. Please note: it currently only increases the tank typ icon, the tank level and double xp. If you select a value over 1.3, it will start to look ugly.
to reload the configuration without restarting WoT (for testing purposes) open and close the techtree or the service record, you will see the results immediately.
i do not want my mod to be in modpackages that are distributed via Adf.ly links or that have other means of gaining money like donate-buttons, so please respect the following licence.
Licence for ModPacks and Modding Sites
You're free to use this modification in ModPacks and on modding sites as long as the following requirements are met:
- No distribution via referers like adf.ly
- No registration is required for the download
- The authors (4lCapwn, CS2001 and locastan) must be named.
- You are allowed to link to my own server at wottools.com directly to get less traffic and ensure you always hotlink the latest version.
if you have a modding website (or any other kind of WoT-Fanproject) and you have to pay for servers, you can of course accept donations and use ads to cover your expenses - just do not obsctruct the user.

>>>>>Download Version2<<<<

Known Bugs:

- You can scroll beyond the right limits using the arrows
- Filters are still totally bugged, if too few tanks are in the current carousel
- Strange flickering if you set the scaleFactor at 0.5 or smaller
Planned Features:
- Filters for Tank Tier
- Filters for Premium
Thanks to:
CS2001, for creating the config-handling and working several nights with me
locastan, without him this would have taken a hell longer (or i wouldnt have bothered to try)
Boldar_, for having the great talent of guessing what i am doing wrong
the whole xvm team for providing their sourcecode to learn 


It works really well & even I have been able to use it.

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It's been working well for me.  I'm actually using it now when I couldn't use locastans before because there was no way to adjust the scale in that one (at 2560x1440 resolution the scale it was using was way too small).

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