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T71 Tactical situation, what would a unicom do?

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    Here is a hypothetical situation a T71 on Sacred Valley, Standard. The tier spread being 8 - 10 with 2x T7 lights as bottom scouts on both sides. MM is actually doing its job and both sides are equal. 


The T71 takes the sniper hill at G4, nobody else can get up there or doesn't know about it. 


  It is early battle and all of  your teams heavys  are stalled at D2 firing on 3 spotted heavy's in C 2/3 zone that are holding the push.  A enemy light scout has been spotted but is unlit at D5 and a T98 at B5. Right flank is under no pressure and is trading shots with enemy team in the village on the right. You have a fully loaded clip of APCR <6 shots> and a clear shot on sides of full health heavy driven by a unicom without moving, a topshot on a heavy driven by red that can be fragged with 1 or 2 shots but you need to advance forward from out of the bush you are hiding behind and side shot on 3rd heavy at full health with  no movement required. These are the three heavy's holding your teams push. 


Do you engage or stay passive. 


IMHO - engage 1st shot aimed to the front sprocket of the unicom heavy, if he repairs then a second shot to his sprocket, advance out of cover and fire at red heavy, <i am assuming I will be spotted here>  then back into hard cover to hide for 10 seconds then empty the rest of clip into the unicom heavy if still visible. 


Is my thought process on target here or do I need to change my target priority? 

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Is the unicom heavy playing peek-a-boom?  Can you track him in an exposed position?  If you can catch him and keep him uncovered then that sounds like a good plan to me.  If he maintains cover, you likely exposed your position with the new camo mechanics, to a dangerous player who is sure to react somehow, especially if he has a platoon buddy to send your way. So if he is peeking, track him when he is out.  If not maybe better to frag the red to remove the gun and maybe set up a local advantage first, dump the rest of the clip into the unicom second, hide and re-evaluate.


One scrubs opinion and looking for corrections as well.

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Totally not a unicum, but I'll play anyway.


Not sure what the heavies are, so I'll just assume they're something I can pen with my APCR at this angle with what I can hit. I'd pop forward, get that gun out of the fight and then pop back ASAP. If I'm still alive, Then decide what to do with the rest of the clip. If nobody's aiming my way then unicum next.


My thinking is that with one gun out of the fight it might unstall the push. 2 tanks are less scary than 3... If I survive the kill of the red heavy, I'm still in position to hurt the other two. Big risk, big reward, yes?


How'd I do, gurus?

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   In response to Steve, the unicom heavy is not playing peek-a-boom, He is in a hull down position relative to your teams push. His sides are exposed to you because of your elevation on the hill. If he decides to get into cover after your first shot he must disengage from your teams push and backup.







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I think I would still frag the red and dump the rest of the clip into the unicum next, retreating to cover if the remaining heavies start to turn turrets towards you.  Not knowing the specific tanks, if the unicum turns his turret your way he may offer your pushing team side turret shots that will pen.  removing a heavy gun is goodness,  getting the unicum to react and maybe expose himself is also goodness.  reducing his HP health is goodness.


If the unicum is in a good hull down position, tracking him doesn't help,  getting the damage does. 


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