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Worst Night EVER

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Just had a pretty awful streak of games, which is odd seeing how well I've been doing lately.

So, first up I did as I usually do - start doing the x2s on my tier 6s:

T-34-85, 1,854 damage, 2,152 spotting damage - loss.

Hellcat, 2,068 damage, 618 spotting damage - loss.

So, after two monster losses like that, I decide to have a platoon with my new clanmates and drop the tiers a bit - so I get a toon going with Ulfarr and piritskenyer.

Marder II, 348 damage, 112 spotting damage - loss.

M2 Medium, 538 damage, 718 spotting damage - loss.

(pirits leaves)

M22 Locust, 540 damage, 285 spotting damage - loss.

M2 Medium, 212 damage, 316 spotting damage - loss.

(blackmail TankedTiger to join)

T-34, 0 damage, 0 spotting damage - loss (oneshotted by OP-1S in first 30 seconds).

KV-1, 938 damage, 243 spotting damage, WIN!

T-34, 1,012 damage, 1,452 spotting damage, win (but only after being teamkilled by a kill-hungry OP-1S).

Hellcat, 1,657 damage, 1,080 spotting damage, loss (died from ripping own tracks off and being sniped going up the Prokhorovka hill o.O)

But yeah, raged sooo, sooo much tonight at things that didn't deserve raging at, even scrutinizing a newbie in his T2 Medium for not using cover so he could have stayed alive and saved my M2 Medium.



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With only a couple days left on the Obj 704 grind, I decided to push through no matter how bad team got. Sunday started out with 0 for 15 and a new candidate for Worst Team Ever:




Carry harder, amIright?

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Someone suggested playing a tank until you lose 1 battle, then switch tanks. I combined that with Worst_Poaster's "lose 3, then log off rule" today. It made for a decent night. Sure, some of my tanks didn't finish over 50%, but when I got on a roll in one tank I enjoyed it. 


If anyone is feeling frustrated I suggest you try it.


TL; DR (wtf does that mean anyways?)


1. pick a tank and play

2. if you win, play the same tank again

3. repeat 2 if you win

4. if you lose, pick a new tank

5. if you lose 3 in a row, call it a night and go read the forums


This is my usual  method, however last night I neglected step 5 and managed to end up winning 4 out of 16 for a 25% winrate,


To make it even more annoying I'm nearly up to 5,000 games, where I'm going to take stock of how I've gone since game 4,000. Everything had been improving fairly well but last night's bad results on top of an already crap week mean the only target I'll hit is my K/D ratio. In fact I'll probably just roll over most of my goals to the next 1,000 games.


ETA - I now see the last week has dragged my 50 days down to yellow as well - awesome.

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Hell, I can't remember how bad last night was, but last I looked, before I got truly pissed off and quit, I was at 30%. I struggled all weekend, Friday night, and Sunday. I think my total for the weekend may have been barely 50%.


Tonight, I'm around 85-88%.


Feast or famine, WTH?


I will say this, on the ugly losses, where I was at 3K damage plus on a loss, I started looking at the teams, I actually found several teams out of last night's fiasco where I was the only player above 48%. The other teams were no where near that bad.

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My last few days have been a bit brutal too.  Monday and Tuesday the purples were out in force, and I was always on the other side.  I feel like I'm decent enough now to influence a game, but nowhere near able to carry one.  One game had a couple of purples platooning T49s on the enemy team.  (is that even legal?  :D )  Yeah, that went badly.


Then last night, I was on a team with a -G- platoon.  Heck yeah!!!!   We lost.....   damn.


My numbers all seem to be ok for the last couple of days considering my current ability, except the WR.


It'll swing back the other way, it always does, but I was frustrated.

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I'm fucking done for a while. Eight losses in a row (logged off for an hour after the third loss each time, did not even play the third game the last time), with an average damage of well over 2K per game, and 2 kills per game. I've seen as many as 4 games in a row where 13 of 15 tanks on my team were sub 46% players. And 7 games in a row with no more than 5 50% players, and even then, more than 6 sub 44% players. I will never be good enough to carry shit like that.


Were I the type to believe in the WoT setting you up for losses, this would sure as Hell be enough to convince me. As it is, I think there are just that many brain dead morons in the game. It sure cxonfirms a lot of things in real life, too.


This shit is not fun anymore.


Hell, my WN8 was near 2000 early in the week. I'd be stunned if it or my WN7 either one were over 1000.

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0-6 so far this morning -  four from teams leaving the cap circle, one blowing a 6-tank lead with dominating field position, and the last sending *one* tank to Himmelsdorf hill - and the town team is butchered by a force one-third their size. Never more than two green players on a team (including me).


I just need to burn all my scouts. I can't do diddly being down on the bottom every game, and it seems like half the games arty kills more of our own team than the other.

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Bad night last night.  It's already bad enough grinding on the stupid AMX M4.  I was at 33% after about 10 games.  I finished just under 40%


One match our AT7 rolled off cap against a far superior force with 5 seconds left on the cap!!!  WTF?



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This is pointless. Zero wins tonight, despite having top damage and top kills in all but one of them. You win, WG, I'm done.

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I played Friday and Saturday, it was rough. I finished just under 50% for both days and got all my 3X's done and went to the T49 and Hellkitty to improve my stats a lil', and even that wasn't a sure thing.

Fortunately I got mandated to work a double shift Sunday and was spared a further day of suffering ....

Weekends in general, especially when there's and kind of decent xp bonuses are always particularly rough.

All the smelly mouth breathing window licking 8 year old retards are out in full force to for most of the day until the wee hours of the nite.

Some helpful tips which usually help my WR and stats ...

I work nites so I try to get on early in the morning Eastern Standard time and play from 7AM to about 11AM.

It's usually pretty lite on moron levels in the early daylight hours, even on the weekends, because all the snotty nosed pre-pubescent types are all tuckered out and sleeping off the caffeine induced Monster Drink Midnite Moron Madness/Mayhem Marathon. On school days they have to go to school and are not present then either, but any time after 300PM it starts to get bad again when they shrug off homework and hit the WOT trail for more lemming action.

If I play in the afternoon I am generally in a platoon with clan mates and we can carry most of the time if we aren't too low tiered for the match.

If your schedule allows, I highly recomend these playing times as an alternative to the charge of the booger eaters brigades, so you can actually play the game and have some fun with a more adult level group who actually tries to do well as opposed to scattering like cockraoches in every cardinal direction when the match starts.

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Platooned with a nice guy with the handle d4majesty Saturday night in tier 10's.  We won 2 of 6, and his skill was not enough to carry my carcass to a better percentage.




The third match of the run, we ended up facing off with two strong platoons on the other team, a two man Kbear platoon with similar stats to ours, and a PBKAC platoon consisting of VonDoom, lonemedic and twosolo who all had 65% plus winrates and 2,000 + win 7's.  The rest of our team was yellow's and reds, it was criminal what MM did to us.  The match went as you would expect, though I did get VonDoom twice for about 850 hp off his E-100 - other than that brief respite - we got stomped.  We exited out after we both died and the match ended and then loaded up the same two tanks, hoping for a better match.


We got to face the SAME DAMN PBKAC platoon in our very next match.  I tried to jokingly ask them if two of them would go afk to make the match more entertaining, but all I got was ominous silence.  We got stomped again.  The take away from this is that I don't like facing PBKAC platoons and that damaging one of them curses you to face them over and over again until you suicide in a lake.


True Story.

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Tonight was much better 18/28 (64%).  I rolled well tonight and I get to quit while I'm ahead.


MM is a fickle bioch. And team like this all night:


Seriously 38% overall with 43% in the JPE100.



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