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What is your highest xp ever?

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And I'm not talking just base xp (you can write that down too), but the highest xp number you have ever recieved on a tank, incuding daily doubles, triples and 5x's, events and whatnot (premium counts).


IIRC my top was some 6k xp on a 5x event although I don't have a screenie about it.

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12k xp on a T34 match on a x5.


10k xp double with my Cent 7/1 2 hours ago. (7.5k dmg 9 kills)


3.2k xp with my chaffee 8.6( 2.1k raw)

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Not my highest but still good nonetheless.



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Generally I don't take screenshots of scores, This one is the highest one I have, and it isn't spectacular, I think at this time I had been playing the game for a grand total of a month and a bit. I started playing the day of patch 8.0 I downloaded the game overnight(shitty internet) and had to patch when I wanted to play.


I don't know what my highest ever was, I think I had a ~2500 x5 at one point, I've definitely seen 12k before.

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2,154 XP non-premium, non-bonused in my Chaffee.

Best game I've ever had, 4,500 damage, 5,200 spotting damage, against mostly tier 8+.


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hellcat served me well today


Map:  Malinovka
Date: 29-9-2013 17:47:21
Vehicle: M18 Hellcat
Exp: 8.163 (x3)  Credits: 109.437 
Achievements: : Patrol Duty, Confederate
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