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Foch50 done! Foch155... i cant get it working... POTATO

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I really enjoyed the Foch50 http://abload.de/image.php?img=shot_082vtugw.jpg, did pretty well in it i think. Now i bought the 155 and suck so hard, i cant believe it. The gun arc sucks as hell ( its worse than the foch50) and the dispersion trolls me as fuck. http://abload.de/image.php?img=shot_083f5uxz.jpg

Im running a 4 skill crew (bia, camo, repairs and the usefull stuff as safe stowage, holy fuck im spotted lamp, etc. Vents, GLD, toolbox.

I kinda played it like a foch50 the first battles and totally donked it. The normal ap rounds seem to fly around like a drunk cruise missile without fire control unit and the HEAT rounds always find some shitspot to do track or module dmg only. Im really frustrated by this tank atm, normally i do quite good in t8+ tanks. Is it just bad luck or am i potatoing enourmously and this tank just dont fit me? Any suggestions/replays/playstyle advices? At close range every nooblet is hitting my weakspots, at midrange i just think im barely usefull and sniping seems just not to work with this gun.


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tinfoil hat mode engage... jk


In all seriousness though, I just got the Su-122-44. Played a couple games in it so far and I have a 50% W/R in it with about 1.3k dmg. Sucks, I know. I think it's just a matter of breaking it in. Last night my shots were going all over the place and lag was hitting me at all the wrong times. Just a rough patch you'll get through.

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I honestly don't particularly like the Foch 155, at least not when compared to the Obj 268.  The gun handling characteristics of the 155 are just plain awful.  I find that the 268 suits my playstyle nearly perfectly and actually lets me take shots when I'm using the maneuverability of the tank.  The Foch 155 I feel like I either need to be right up in other tank's business in order to hit them or I need to attempt to completely anticipate the movements of enemy tanks and be pre-aimed if I'm providing supporting fire.

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Use it's speed to get to ambush positions early.


Hopefully the pubbie trash are smart enough to provide support while you reload.


Look for an opening to unload your clip into a single tank.


I have a very aggressive play style in mine but often platoon with able clannies.


I'll sweep around a corner to take care of a tank holding us up while my platoon mates push past and cover me while reloading.


I had s sub 45% win rate in mine when I first got it.

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