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September Most Valuable Padders - Winners!

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Welp, the time to announce the winners is finally here. Winners, please get in touch with Neverwish so he can work his magic with the tshirt company!


We asked for a Light Tank Carry-Hard, an alpha spamming TD making people rage, and a decisive slaughter by a platoon and that's exactly what we got. We asked for some other things too, but we'll take what we can get. Stay tuned for MVP October, because we've got some new and interesting prizes to give away!

Solo Challenge 1: Light Tank - Carryhard Challenge
You can play Assault, Encounter or Standard battles and must not be in a platoon.
You can play any light tank.
Points Calculation: (1*damage done)+(1*damage assisted)

Ario32 / 13 90 : 5395 + 2756 (8151)

Solo Challenge 2: Tank Destroyer - Rage Inducing Invisible Alpha Spam Challenge
You can play Assault, Encounter or Standard battles and must not be in a platoon.
You can play any Tank Destroyer.
Points Calculation: (1*damage done)-(1*potential damage taken)

Hellvor / T110E3 : 10864 - 750 = 10114

Platoon Challenge 2: Decisive Victory Challenge
You must be in a platoon of 3.
You can play Assault, Encounter or Standard battles.
Any combination of vehicles and tiers is allowed.
Battle Point Calculation: (player1[tier of vehicle + kills] + player2[tier of vehicle + kills] + player3[tier of vehicle + kills]) * 10
Points Calculation: (1*duration of battle in seconds) - (battle points); lowest score will win; negative values are ok (if possible).
ISG_Nisa, iamsodamsiam & Elite
12 kills, 3x t8. 5m 30s. 330-360 = -30 pts
Solo Challenge 3: Arty - Good Luck Guys Challenge & Platoon Challenge 1: Duo of Death Challenge
No winners, bar too high.

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So not a single submission for toon challenge one? Damn, we had a game a few days ago that woulda quaified too =(

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I should have written something important like that in the first line of the post.

I knew but I wanted to say it anyway. :(

I would like to have a day or two because it's currently 5:33AM and non of the other baddies in my plat are awake to pick their shirts.

Unless you're giving it in code form,then you could PM them to me and make me look stupid or something.  :thumbup:

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