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[JELLY] Bask in a world of butt hurt & jealousy

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Bask in a world of butt hurt & jealousy , join JELLY today and reap the rewards.
House your alt, re roll, stat padder or smurf account here and wear the awesome jelly tag with pride.
Jelly is a no obligation clan - do what you want when you want - you don't have to platoon, you don't have to play - just be nice to clan mates when you are in the chat.
Stats inline with clan avg I.e. All purple stats
Your true identity does not to need to be divulged but if you want to share it, it will be kept secret.




Mod Seal of approval 



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Stronk klanu

I once got angry and swore in chat , seeing as i was the only person in it am i in trouble for not being nice to myself? :S

I would take yourself to one side and have a serious word about your conduct and remind yourself about the rules. Followed by 10 noobs and 20 retards as penance in randoms

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